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  1. if they decided to make that call then they would have called a foul on the manu play. Nobody wants to see a finals game decided by a foul call
  2. Man that stung. Fantastic game tho, thought the refs were fine. Both teams playing at an elite level. I think Manu will bounce back with good game after another bad performance. Gonna be another great one in game 7 imo
  3. I agree with most of what you said but the spurs did shoot 41% from the field and still pulled out the W. Ever since they completely shut down Thompson and curry they have been playing at such a high level. I expect both teams to shoot better this game, we will see.
  4. looking to put $30 on the Spurs to win the series my $30 to your $60
  5. Exactly. Living in San Antonio I only get to see LeBron play once a year if im lucky. I spent extra on tickets to see the game and then they drop that he isn't playing 3 hours before game time. Its clear that he would've played if it was anyone else but the spurs (because of last meeting). Spoelstra had every right to make that call just like pop did. It sucks because the only real loser in the matter is (me) the fan.
  6. blah trying to post her new music video, here's the link below http://vevo.ly/YftcTW
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjbUf4GZrMk&feature=youtu.be
  8. spurs play as a team, great coaching, built team from draft and great scouting, made the playoffs every year for the last 15, championship contenders every year, etc.
  9. i think getting a a top tier t.e is key also. like jimmy graham or gronk. jermichael finley is gonna fall a little bit this year so may be a good pick in the 4th round ish ppr witten is always solid
  10. man durant is just so dam good, congrats to the thunder. hope they win it all
  11. tony with 17 in the first. i remember when people were saying he was just an above average pg. lol
  12. wonder if it takes into account the number of whores i have following me? maybe worth something $18.32
  13. [video=youtube;ZZ5LpwO-An4] trolololol video led me to this, lol
  14. Manu is starting over Danny Green. not sure how i feel about that. Get ready everyone, this one should be a classic!
  15. this is what im scared of going into game 5. hopefully pop can keep durant in check for the most part.
  16. cant get hm1 hud to work, looks like its importing but no hud :/

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