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  1. This is one of the few times that the old "disrespected" crap that these hoodlums always scream is actually true. I am from NY and thought the game would definitely be close. I can't believe the pregame predictions here where literally nobody picked the Jets to even cover.
  2. listened to first few minutes. These are not the ramblings of a loon. Banks like the Federal Reserve, which is actually not a federal but rather a semi-private entity (most have no clue about this) produce our money and we have to pay it back with interest. This ensures our always being in debt. watch as little by little more countries have a common currency like the euro and a few mega banks are the sources of their production at interest and thus they are the world power.
  3. Have fun with mangenius. as a jet fan glad to see him go. But he did have a play with pennington where if defense was slow after a first down to hustle to line and snap and get like 4 yards. it usually worked.
  4. I too agree with all but the beatles. John Lennon was an amazingly creative song writer and their pop melodies are awesome and then to shift gears and create different yet still great music just cant be ignored.
  5. Nice bet, Rutgers offense is bland, basic and horrendous
  6. was named to same NYC Daily News All Star Team as Manny Ramirez, Steve Karsay and 2 other pros. Neither showed up for the game which was at Yankee Stadium. Got a hit off Rudy Lugo and played against Rich Aurillia, Allen Watson and John Halama. One of my best friends had the "thrill" of giving up a 400 ft homer to Manny in a sandlot game when he was 16. People knew then he was a special hitter.
  7. No he means "I always feel like somebody is watching me" crap.
  8. This reminds me of a movie i watched called Zeitgeist, a documentary about the government's role in 9/11 . The writer claims the government wants dumb uneducated people bombarded by media stupidity, propoganda and video game mentality all while they slowly strip you little by little of your rights as a citizen. It was far fetched and talked about government planting microchips in us to track our behavior and the need to create "the enemy" in terrorists. It talked about centralizing currency and how the banks rule the world and we are enslaved to banks because the Federal Reserve is actually a semi-private sector that sells money to the US at interest. As i said far fetched but very thought provoking and interesting (can be viwed right on the net at zeitgeist.com)
  9. Zeitgeist . its about 911. Very interesting information about our wonderful government.
  10. Marv Albert hands down. keith hernandez is my favorite for baseball.
  11. If you are going to make a play have the balls to REALLY make a play. that starts by thinking about putting max pressure on him. Your read was spot on, your execution sucked. you put pressure by raising to 1800ish. this tells him if i call im going to face a shove on the flop which is exactly what you are going to do regardless of the board. Your flop check here is bad. If he shoves do the math and if getting around 2:1 you call and pray.
  12. 1. ACDC 2. Beatles 3. Ramones 4. Springsteen 5. The Who
  13. so true and i feel sorry you buddy is tying the knot with a cunt. at least she's probably a good fuck though.
  14. i wrote to pokerstars awhile back. they said payout structure is here to stay. we are pissing into the wind. they don't care. losing customers will get there attention, nothing else.
  15. Yes folding is nitty. he may have a fd or a ten or a straight draw. in a $5.00 i would continue and ch call any reasonable turn/river card. i don't see ak showing up a lot. more aq aj a10. but all in all you are definitely ahead enough to continue. plan your strategy BEFORE you bet. if called i will_____. if raised i will_______. P.S JUST because you may behind THIS time doesn't make it a good play to fold.
  16. 1. i'd come over top preflop. 2. calling here is ok post flop.
  17. 1. best advice by ace1won read that one again. 2. sounds like you were a shitty husband and she'll have none of it anymore. (cunt rag girfriends in her ear perhaps?) 3. my wife was similar but she in the end has always respected my independence (and i've ben the same in return) . she feels i have a problem but doesn't care as long as i win. 4. i took my winnings 2 yrs ago and rebuilt the basement as a play room for my 2 kids. i put the computer there as well. so i play and spend a ton of time with my kids. they like that i'm around bc i interact w them a bit while i play. that keeps wife off the back. 5. give your wife attention too. balance balance balance. 6. sit her down and get to the bottom of why she hates you playing. truly hear her. then present your side. if she won't listen and you can't compromise she isn't an amazing wife. she is a possesive, controlling cunt.
  18. i make my 10 year old play and yell to me. my five year old knows if cards are both below 10 fold too.
  19. it's a fairly logical fold. Think about it. i don't know the turn /river cards but if Huck has a hand w any showdown value he'll just check. so the bet is either a very weak hand that huck knows can't win a showdown or the goods. A jack is a reasonable "call" hand but not a reraising hand. If the board is jj low he also knows Huck could hav an underfull. Chan probably has a history of playing with huck and feels most of the time he's being taken to value town and his aces are no good. This is not about TV its about why chan is one of the best.
  20. lol "airbrush annie" she isn't ugly but def not ....enough said. stupid excuse to get loudmouth phil air time. that guy getting berated by annie reminded me of a 5yr old getting yelled at for playing in the street.
  21. def used to be marbury. eddie curry..come to think of it the whole knicks roster. oh wait everyone knows they suck now....even isiah

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