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  1. when that dark dark day happened a long time ago crippling poker in the usa i kind of dropped it even though I was decently successful player. after dedicating much of the past 8 years to my actual career and doing really really well, the rona hit and so I took some time off and loaded up ignition poker. 2012... was my last cash as well as my last win! BUT today! I took home the $15 lucky 7's for $1,350 or so! wow did that feel so fucking satisfying!
  2. GG Baylor

    Keith appling says what's up.
  3. GG Baylor

    Dude. Are you fucking retarded? Decades of child molestation does not equal a few years of sexual assault. Both are horrible horrible things. But kids.... Cmon.
  4. GG Baylor

    Wonder if this makes ole tom Izzo a little uncomfortable
  5. wow this tunsil stuff is just not how i expected tonight to go... hugh freeze might be getting a lot more time with family soon
  6. stay classy zeke signed butthurt michigan fan. you still look like a first class jackass
  7. Went to my bottle shops anniversary party last night and scored big in the raffle. Every ticket was a winner but paired with different bottles. I landed barleywine, regal rye, and regular bcbs. And a hyper dog and jones dog tales from the oak barrel aged stouts from pipeworks. Super happy. Gonna have one of the barleywine bcbs' tonight since I have two. Insert Bart Scott can't wait! P.s. Also got to try dark lord 2014 and 2015 which was awesome but nothing out of this world orgasmic like they make it seem.
  8. were back. bring it. we have the best coaching staff in college football. hands down
  9. little brother bout to catch an ass whooping next week
  10. Six Point is good. they are in brooklyn.
  11. grapefruit sculpin in the can just hit our chicago market.... mmmmmmmmmm
  12. if you want to do something through this site id be more than happy to trade with you. im in chicago so i get a lot of great shit here.
  13. absolutely crushed the new pipeworks summer vs equinox. going back for a couple more bombers tomorrow. tmac, you work for 3floyds?????? can you hook it up with tix to dark lord day?
  14. your moms abortion kickstarter obviously failed miserably
  15. flkasjdflaksdjglashdgjasdhfkjads;lkj' JUST GOT MY KBS!!!!!!! $27 for a four pack is well worth it. TRR if i can get a pliny the elder or something similarly mind blowing, id gladly save a bottle for you
  16. drinking a 3f's dreadnaught bomber right meow
  17. nice, zombie dust is my favorite 3floyds. its a must buy when you can get your hands on it.
  18. going to be in alabama for a wedding this coming week. anything i should look to try and get my hands on?
  19. had spiteful brewings la diabolique fee verte porter (absinthe barrel aged) tonight. its.... interesting. very very boozey taste yet only 8.0%. i think the absinthe heat was way too overpowering. whiskey barrels and porters, yes! absinthe barrels.... meh, not my favorite.

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