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  1. please can someone spare some time and explain the gap concept 2 me or tell me an artical where i can find this ? thanks
  2. hey, just wondering if any of you limit players out there would be able 2 help and give me an email adress of any limit coaches u would recommend or you have use in the past and would recommend. any help wud be much appreciated. thanks in advance.
  3. thanks for replys and advice also making me feel welcome :) also refering me to the br management link.
  4. hey! i never really applied proper bankroll rules before was just wondering if anyone could help me out? i no you should never really put more thn 5% or your br in play at any 1 time and stuff but want to know like how many sng buy ins i should have before i move up to next level, how much % or my br i should spend on any 1 tournament or MTT and how many maximum buy ins at a certain level for cash games, and then how many i need to move up to next limits? any advice or help would be much appricated thanks

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