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  1. Thanks for putting this together Drama. And then getting the first pick in the draft too
  2. I am playing the 6max $1090 buy in on Friday, and the $3500 WPT Main event day 1b, on Monday. Selling a bit of action for both tournaments together. 1.15% MU $528 for 10% $264 for 5% 20% available 5% minimum, I can take paypal or chase quick pay prior to playing on Friday. Structures and info can be found here https://www.theborgata.com/casino/poker/tournaments/winter-poker-open-2017 DM me with any questions at all.
  3. I have some action available for Borgata Main event next week. The buy in is $2700, and I am playing day 1a on Friday. Markup is 1.1 5%= $148.50 10%= $297 PayPal/Chase Quick Pay or cash prior to the event please. DM if interested. Can provide references if needed.
  4. Selling Borgata main pieces $150 for 10% minimum. PayPal or cash prior to Day 1a. PM me for information.
  5. If someone kidnaps spewy for the next 2 weeks I think I may have a chance to win something ??
  6. Can't we share the doc that Gags created and keep updated scores on it? Or if someone send me the doc I can make something up
  7. Payment sent. I will be at Parx on Draft night and will just watch via iPad from there...
  8. I am playing the Borgata 6max tomorrow ($1,090) and Day 1b of the main ($2,700). I have 10% available, for both tournaments. Minimum is 2%. 10%= $379 2%= $75.80 Funds must be transferred prior to the start of tomorrow's event. PayPal, Chase quick pay, or cash only. Updates will be provided after each break, or as requested. Please contact me directly with any questions. Thanks everyone.

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