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  1. Id just honestly love for anybody to give me a reasonable excuse as to why the NFL goes out of their to specifically test for marijuana. all I see is them ruining their product and promoting the substance. the only answer I get is "cuz its illegal" dose any1 have anything different as an answer?
  2. Oh yay. now we get to celebrate some killers and pretend that we even taste freedom.
  3. I cant wait till October so I can laugh at this poser league. Ray Rice will be scoring TD's rocking a pink towel after knocking out his girlfriend on video tape. and the whole NFL will pretend like they care about women while in Cleveland we are banning the guy who was gonna replace our woman beating best player evar becaue he like weed.
  4. Ray Rice gonna be playing before Josh Gordon after being caught on camera knocking his bitch out. and Im gonna have to watch the NFL pretend they care about women for an entire month. This league is such a fucking joke, Was soo ready to replace that POS woman beating wanna be actor as our greatest player ever. I dare anybody to try and come up with 1 single way the NFL benefits from testing for marijuana. Im so fucking pissed right now. at Josh. at the NFL.
  5. Feels like Black Friday. Yesterday I was on top of the world. Then this. wtf man?
  6. that trade was beast. deepest WR class ever and we get that for Sammy?
  8. Farmer getting cute on his first draft ever? reallly?
  9. ^lol and Colt McCoy jersey guy almost made me break my tv. like wtf? jinx much?
  10. I wont be pissed. I just dont want him at 4. gimme somenbody at 4 and him and Im good
  11. ^ lol If he lasts till tomorrow Im gonna root for this
  12. whatup beeches. Dont think we can Fuck this up tonight. Nips are hard.
  13. lol if it was gold I might have put it all together
  14. didnt realize Silver was one of them too. after finding that out I doubt he fights it.
  15. Sterling is in an elite group. its a bit more exclusive than your comparison.
  16. Sterling is a fake joo. his views do not represent those of reals Jews. This world would be pretty decent if real Jews ran the show. Its a shame we are stuck with posers like him instead. you guys just dont realize their mindset. They are still fighting a war they already won.

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