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  1. i played with puffpuff a fair amount yesterday, wasn't paying too much attention but he seemed nitty
  2. here's mine i play a lot of live tournies http://twitter.com/#!/ArgentinaBoy
  3. leaving the 31st of this month, im gonna play just about everything (excluding withered games and 10ks) can't fathom not winning a bracelet http://twitter.com/#!/ArgentinaBoy
  4. for $1/2 its harder, but for all the bigger games just get $100 chips for ur pocket and reload everytime u go down $100 thats what i do
  5. 100:1 is more reasonable than 4
  6. sorel mizzi aka imper1um's account is back on ftp grinding today w/ his ftops jersey intact and all
  7. you should have called it kitchens instead
  8. what was the biggest "ah haa" moment for you in poker? i know u've had several different backers in your career, what do u feel is the biggest mistake backers make w/ there horses/ biggest positives? favorite live casino/ least favorite? u were my first "poker" friend and were so kind to me on my first trip up to turning stone when i knew no one. I'll never forget that, thanks for everything bud <3
  9. i did! (18:00 $700 on sundays)
  10. http://www.pocketfives.com/profiles/charder/
  11. ya but ur a huge tool so who cares if hes an ass to you
  12. ez river fold, and shrubs/gags/bef/masta/and apes hud
  13. concierge is best value either way, but the 4k bonus isn't instant i'm currently in the process of clearing one now
  14. going for the $1500 and 10k
  15. greg is a beast, the wcoop main is like playing .25/.50 for him he doesnt care

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