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  1. easily attainable but a step in the right direction, give us more tho!
  2. did not realize they were the same person, good 2 know. O ya and congrats!
  3. idk about city but maryland has 2 be the sickest
  4. chad had a seizure today so he took the day off, he'll appreciate this thread when he gets back on the comp i'm sure
  5. one of the most worthless threads i've seen in awhile p.s. dans so dreamy <3
  6. I think he used to have his own tv show or something...
  7. great hearing this, apesarefun deserves it, hes the man
  8. I really like how they changed the tournament lobbys to show the satellites right there, very convenient gr8 addition
  9. gr8 idea and more importantly excellent thread title
  10. she tried to bluff me in a wsop prelim event running a terrible line, thats really all i have to say on the subject
  11. damn you blizzard! i thought it would be out later this year :-(
  12. really excited since i loved playing diablo II, anyone seen a reliable release date yet? also trying to gauge interest in a p5s guild maybe
  13. still hud for your K9o > my JJ for the first round win
  14. i've met him a few times at live tournaments, nice guy he plays under bbuddy4brkfst on ftp (or something like that)
  15. I like the 50r during the day idea around 5:30 est, but definitely not rush, if u want a rush 50r make it at like 9:30 est
  16. sands was bumpin last night over 30 ppl on a wait list for 2/5
  17. I'm trying to get rid of up to 6k on ub, i'll take either ftp or stars pm me if interested. stars- BoyArgentina tilt- ArgentinaBoy

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