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  1. sup bro cant wait to start raping some live cash
  2. thx every1 for the support, pretty bummed but i was short the entire time so w/e time 2 win the next one!
  3. i'm not gonna call in and get u fired, but i will certainly drive up and make some gr8 food orders
  4. i was thinking make 1 of them (or adding this) a 6-max 216 3x shootout so the cap is 216 guaranteeing 2 seats, idk how the payouts would work but it seems it would fill well
  5. has 2 be a mistake, seems like theyll change it be4 tomorrow
  6. haha whos that sexy guy in that pick, thanks sooo much every1 for the love <3 u all and brandon u def shoulda swapped, told u! p.s. strip club time!\ edit: 2 bad this doesnt count for plb bet!
  7. I just got a weird email from moorman1 of just a link, i didnt click on it so idk, but just be cautious he might be hacked
  8. Delucas Vagina H - Phatchoy888 H - bbbbb33 M - Blueberleez M - Wandigo L - Heynow21 awesome
  9. Runs at 17:00 est every saturday I can't find it in the client, hope this isn't permanent
  10. They really need to change some of the payouts on these step sngs, its really tilting getting 8th in a step 4 and getting a step 2 ticket, like come on

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