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  1. There is a $640 wsop satellite every sunday, I'm sure they will add more $640 tournaments soon and yes you can def. take t$ if u can't/don't want to play the wsop main
  2. mkind is like the coolest guy ever and im so lucky that he was dumb enough to swap with me and not eric blair
  3. i've been calling my shot in this for like 2 months
  4. I just want ftp to have a search feature like stars but keeping the fact u can look at what ppl are regg'd in and not only when they are sitting, and chronological order for "my registered tournaments" on ftp
  5. irrelevant thread due to the fact he is going to get 11th or 13th like every single time
  6. some kid who had my face as his avatar busted me in like the 5th hand, seems honest
  7. about time, congrats GA
  8. if they do add 1 it should be at like 4:30 or 5:00 est
  9. in for the borgata $1500 then this
  10. this happens 2 me too randomly, usually its some1 from Europe
  11. sickkkkkkk i just remembered i swapped 1% w/ eric gogogogo!
  12. havent looked at the structures, but a live 500 is like an online 50fo they just play crappy towards the end always
  13. its going to be super fishy but super fast

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