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  1. i watched every video i could get my hands on when i was gettin into mtt poker, but it didnt really start working for me till i had a mentor... just my experience
  2. :-( so dumb frank, nice day tho see u in la
  3. pretty fake the napt venetian day 2 is on that sunday afhkjafd;lhfdj;hfadhlhjafdha
  4. if the structure is like the harrahs structure than its pretty sick
  5. i thnk ftp really needs a better search feature, 1 that has multiple names (like stars) and for god sakes, organize chronologically, not by how u reg, this is by far the most tilting thing (besides chatbox glitch)
  6. all the gtd. nlh 24+2's are within the same amount of toughness. It depends on if you are looking fora big prizepool, or a smaller prizepool w/ less variance etc.
  7. The act of making a raise against a raise in a hand, or in other words, the final bet in the sequence of Big Blind - Raise - 3Bet. Explained A 3Bet occurs when a player raises the original raiser in a hand. For example: Small & Big Blind Post for $1 and $2 respectively. 1. "Player A" in mid position makes a raise to $7. 2. "Player B" on the button makes another raise (the "3Bet") to $22
  8. kinda annoying its during napt/lapc tho
  9. it starts at 12:20am thats y hes petitioning

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