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  1. our teams messed up, it says sjuhawks is on it when it should be grindtherail and i dont have ne plbs which i should
  2. seriously its gettin out of hand, limit sweat threads ft's only or like 25 left in a major
  3. def. wat gags30 said btw he does coaching ;-)
  4. after a long deliberation we're going w/ team "HUD"
  5. Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch_assoc() on a non-object in /home2/wowadeco/public_html/plb/results/index.php on line 28 thats wat i get when i try 2 click on our team
  6. I remember my first heater :-)
  7. because turbos run at night, the mid day 1s are the euro nightly turbos and then ours are obv, at night
  8. and 1k on mondays, i like this idea!
  9. doubt you can find a tourny 2 big for me to <3 it
  10. thats fine u can still do the competition, just dont be surprised if u get picked last thats all edit: just un-captain urself
  11. I don't play every 1k but i think they should count neway, and i like the switch to 7 days too fwiw
  12. plz bryan less rebuy satellites to the super Tuesday and sun 500 and more fo's where 1/5 or 1/8 gets seats

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