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  1. it wasn't a literal question... but oookaaaayy then don't allow him to play?? idk it just seems like EPL wants to stay in the limelight but not take any action at all. EPL seems to be like a league ran by the pros, almost like a democracy. they could've barred him from playing to begin with, but instead they wanted everyone to play their inaugural event, then when he won, they felt like they should step into to take this phony action. now he is on 'probation', and I highly doubt EPL will deny the first event winner to not play in the next event...

    for once i kinda agree with you

  2. what was the biggest "ah haa" moment for you in poker?

    i know u've had several different backers in your career, what do u feel is the biggest mistake backers make w/ there horses/ biggest positives?

    favorite live casino/ least favorite?

    u were my first "poker" friend and were so kind to me on my first trip up to turning stone when i knew no one. I'll never forget that, thanks for everything bud <3

  3. last year i sent ftp a mail and wanted rakeback, i obv got a reply that u only get that when open a account for first time.

    i write back that well then i can jsut make a new account and get rakeback or then can save me the job and just give me rakeback or i can stop play on their site.

    i obv get a reply that making more than 1 account is illegal and i couldnt do that.

    anyway if i remmeber right a little time after they sent me a mail that they couldnt give me rakeback but they could give me a running bonus that was the same as rakeback. so i got a 10k bonus running for 1 year with 20$ incements.



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