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  1. Or people just calling shit for what it is
  2. Super desperate move. Asking for money from family and friends has got to be the last resort for any level minded person. Times are tough obviously.
  3. He's broke, let's be honest... What now then? Jokes up! Individually transfer everyone their small donations back? " It's was just a prank!!"
  4. Family and stuff obv. Random buddies setting up shop.. Fuck no. I like you bro but this is my castle. Under unique circumstances I would let family and friends stay.
  5. It's his go to story. Top 5 on the zepp story countdown. " Remember that time I bought that bro 2 $1 beers!! You remember that shit man? Epic shit!". Random cashier, " that's a great story sir, umm did you want a couple grocery bags or did you bring your own?" Zepp " hah ya DUDE! It was an epic night! He drank both too bro..it was awesome!... No man bags kill seagulls and shit in the ocean. I'll put everything in my pockets, I'm pro nature brah..." Zepp flips a few food stamps at the cashier and shoves all the shit into his pockets. Silently Zepp turns and begins to walk away...
  6. What in the fuck. What in the fuck. If one of my friends stayed at my place for more than 1 night id be like " the fuck you still doing here dude". One month I'd be like " the fuck you still doing here dude, I'm calling the cops".
  7. Zepp the fact that you remember buying a guy 2 beers for $2 a couple years ago...means you probably don't do that very often.
  8. Thread is hilarious. Waco posting for 3k donations is quite sad and yet I can't help but feel satisfied that people get to see the real Waco. At least some people call this bullshit out for what it is. Posting a gofundme to your Facebook asking friends and family to donate you money is cringe at best. I hate when people post this stuff and I couldn't ever imagine doing that for myself in any capacity because I wouldn't want to put my family and friends in that predicament. How is he not embarrassed? I bet your family and friends are glad you pushed your problems onto them.
  9. Anyone got a good working link?... I'm strugglin here
  10. Try not to stack off on a bluff... just play solid and relatively tight. I wouldn't try to play to creative early but more or else just a straight forward strategy. Let the deck put you in tough spots, avoid letting people do that. You can avoid these awkward scenarios by taking the lead in pots by 3betting when you decide to play a hand and by putting the onus on your opponent to play back. Most of all, have fun and keep your expectations low. If you somehow make it deep then great, if not, then that's great as well. Just enjoy the experience and play to your best abilities. Have fun
  11. The mistake made here that I see, is not betting the turn. A turn bet accomplishes so many things and there are really no negative results that can come from a turn bet. I would rarely check back such a great turn and if I did it would be because stacks are much shallower and there is the potential for a c/s. As played villain can be leading river/blocking with a lot worse hands so raise would be the best course of action.
  12. The flat pre is good especially if your table is randomly ripping stacks pre. As played you should be looking to get it in on the turn here. Your ahead almost 100% of the time and it's now time to spring the trap. There are a lot of rivers where action might slow down and you want to set up a river shove for yourself. I would be slightly over clicking it back on the turn maybe 2.1 or even 2.05x to induce.
  13. Im definetly looking to c/r flop to induce. If we had position here a flat on the flop would make more sense but oop a c/r seems much better to seize control of the pot and to take the lead.
  14. Wow I really hate a raise fold here. I doubt I have anything but a small 3b/c or shove range. Probably inducing QQ+AK and shoving like A10s+55+ or something
  15. Clarkson with the truth. Super standard hand and just a poOr runout. 3b pre is awkward considering our stck size and we ll look nutted if we do. Flat pre is boss, could induce more action behind, allows the original opener run to cbet (which they will an overwhelming amount of the time) and we got the opener so crushed here they're likely holding at best a 30% equity hand. I just say fuck the runout and literally just play for stacks here on 95% of runouts. As played ripping on the flop bet is meg and I'd just continue our story of maybe a small pp or a straight draw and just call the flop leaving villain room to shove the turn with a lot worse hands.
  16. It's all about tone. How confident and certain you are when you present your interest in poker would be the deciding factor. My first real interview, I was asked about how I spend my spare time. I basically gave the standard response (family,friends, sports ect) and then I said online poker is something I've been very interested in. Didn't go much farther than that. I ended up getting the job and one of my bosses who was present during my interview has since talked to me about poker and has asked questions ect. If I had 3 50 year old women interviewing me then poker probably wouldn't be something I bring up. I had 3 guys ranging from 30-50 odds seemed good that at least one would be interested in poker. Just have to know your audience and adapt. Just like everything in life, situational.
  17. I'm def raising the flop trying to go 3 streets against a jack with the intention of getting it in on the river. I highly doubt the bb is b/f a ton and since we are the opener,a raise looks rather natural and our range won't look super narrowed. I don't hate a call but we price the sb in a ton and make turn decisions a little more awkward especially when we get checked too because our bet will look rather strong and less floaty with having the sb left to act behind us on the flop (perception that we would be less likely to float in this spot).
  18. I don't think I find a fold here. I think we're winning on the turn well over a coinflip of the time and I could imagine 3r players getting it in with a lot worse even given the action. We are only really worried about seb and I think you could justify a call because of all the potential pair+combos. Something rather small but can speak volumes is that fact that seb and love both full stack reshoved and I would imagine that they just flat a good portion of the time to try and induce action behind when they got kj. Plus we got a blocker. Seems like a spot we just have to call.
  19. Weighted towards like 77-JJ, AQs and AK. Probably calling off 1010+AK+
  20. I'm in for 25. Will ship when I wake up tomorrow
  21. Line looks fine. Anything but trying to get it in would be bad. Sizing is a bit small flop but I don't hate going smaller on this board because there really isn't a bad turn card that will slow the action.
  22. Sometimes bluffing off your stack is actually a good play. When villain calls, hindsight is 20/20 but with hand ranges, board runout, stack sizes ect sometimes triple barrel bluffing off your stack might actually be a good play in theory.

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