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  1. Alright sure np I'll do it then.. just let me know when we are doing it
  2. Do you guys want me to be a captain? I'm really disconnected from the poker world tbh I would have no idea who i was drafting
  3. There should be captains and there should be a draft.. more interest from ppl and u get to meet new ppl
  4. yeh 5400 pre OOP and all its fine in position... b/f 4850 otf as played imo...
  5. man u musta been bored or something...
  6. so this is what happens when you always have it
  7. Could be ur best post ever I laughed my ass off ty
  8. being positive helps you make the best decisions.. so on that regard I agree with OP.. but being positive doesn't inherently affect how the cards runout AK vs QQ.. sry.. if ur a good poker player over a long period of time u will do well and show profit.. agree with pgh tbh... I'm sure the reason uve done well OP is cuz u are good at poker ..
  9. sure altho i dont think jon expects you to fold very often which makes this much closer than u might think..
  10. Seriously... gotta go there? If this analogy is like ur poker game it's probably bad news for u cuz the cavs aren't just unlucky they're just fucking terrible.... (no clue who u are so not commenting on ur game)
  11. Better make sure u bang her then... grats on PCA obv... I'm finishing grad school (3 classes left) but i take one at a time so it doesn't affect poker much..
  12. Doesn't seem impossible... doesn't seem super likely for OP with history and stats... def can be done tho
  13. gl everyone PM me ur contact info plz if ur on my team
  14. I think we should include the FTOPS main in the mid since there's no high tier... im sure a lot of ppl will be playing the main ... just sayin
  15. ok sent on stars for tier 2... dont want to captain but id do it if you absolutely needed it

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