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  1. I graduated college and almost have finished my masters in business.. I honestly believe that its a huge mistake for poker players to drop out of college.. too much real life experience (social skills, independence) etc.. are lost when ppl don't finish college imo
  2. fold pre at both opportunities.. but u flopped gin get it in
  3. I missed this ship me the 500 back whenever u get a chance ty
  4. yup this altho i think im only going for the 10k
  5. lol call and berate when he beats u
  6. Pretty epic thread.. Was gonna type out a response but realized i don't cover new ground.. lol OP..
  7. not so thinly veiled brag thread obv.. grats etc etc etc
  8. Pretty strong opinion there... and I wouldn't fold here we can discount KK+ due to sizing and if we throw in a few combos of AQss and a small % of airballs this becomes a pretty easy shove..
  9. plz get ths done quickly... an extra 5 bucks from me if its done before 3:30 et
  10. Yup super ez to call someone out over the internet.. doubt i know u or quite honestly give a fk who u are.. plz feel free to say wats up in person sometime tho
  11. Nah still not funny even the 2nd time... keep trying tho
  12. FatsoFat6969


    in b4 final tbl bubble... gl tho
  13. This hand is an absolute abortion u misplayed every street.. happy?

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