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  1. can't fold here ul u ran into better... honestly i can't fathom folding that hand on that board
  2. Hottest girl alive imo... sad i didn't get to play with her at WSOP
  3. Congrats met him in monte carlo super nice guy well deserved congrats
  4. I'm like excited to shove this with 10bbs... wtf
  5. bump cuz im sick of going to the 10th page to find the standings
  6. I've got a few so i might as well contribute... AQ>KK in WSOP main event last year aipf which propelled me to 50th and my first real live score and first 6 fig score (140k) 99>AA>AK at the start of day 2 of the 3k triple chance in a spot where I re-iso'd the original shover and AA woke up behind... flop 9xx finished 5th for 122k.. AK>KK 9 handed at final tbl of 1k Monday for CL which I eventually won for 94k..
  7. I'm in for the 500 league... possibly the 1k league not sure yet
  8. This thread is lol... 3b/c for sure
  9. grats guys fml that fkn awful french guy.. u both played very well both deserving
  10. Ya call the jam and call the first time around croll is spot on imo...
  11. He has already surpassed me in greatness according to OPR rankings.. Such a beast
  12. I think not betting sets on this river would be missing value..
  13. I personally think you'll fold out some of his value range I think he will take this line with all sets and smaller flushes and given the overflat behind on the flop and the 3 way nature of the turn he never has air since u have the Ad which would be the only thing he could float the turn and bluff the river with (as previously stated).. Your line is super strong but u rep specifically Axdd and that's a really hard sell... Depends how much villain feels like making a hero fold and I'd want a solid read that he's capable of folding those hands before I'd try to make that bluff because it has
  14. This is really ambitious... I'm in the I don't really love it camp unless you have a great read that he's folding here a ton..
  15. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..... congrats sir
  16. This thread is gross... I'm assuming ur advocating a limp call in this spot from what ive read and not a r/f... I really like paulgees post on why r/f is bad and i pretty much agree with it 100%.. I agree that sometimes just because something is profitable doesn't mean that its what we should do in that spot, there are more profitable/better alternatives.. However.. in order to do this profitably we have to balance our limping range against anyone who is paying attention... If we are simply limping a certain portion of our range (let's say the middle of our range) for the purpose of widenin

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