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  1. ur turn betsizing is horrid imo.. unless u made that bet to induce there's no reason to bet that small on the turn and leave awkward stacks on the river like this.. as played c/f river.. he's not going to value bet worse and he's not calling 3 barrels with worse either imo..
  2. LOL @ OP... anything in the 15-20% range is good for hsmtt imo...
  3. slowrolls rape.. who cares.. laugh it off..
  4. Congrats on the success man... u were a nice kid when I met u in AC and I wish you the best...
  5. I'm backed and I also back a buddy of mine in medium stakes.. I'd say that 70% are backed and I know quite a few of them..
  6. It's a tougher spot in a 5 dollar tourney than i think it would be in say a 100fo or something like that... the cold 4b pre ante should be QQ+ AK.. and QQ doesn't do very well against that range... but in a 5 dollar tourney some guy could be spazzing out with 1010 or something like that so I'm not really sure what to do in a 5 dollar tourney.. i imagine i call there cuz it's a 5 dollar tourney and i just call it a cooler if i'm beat...
  7. meh if villain is good i call and if they are more straightforward they are much less likely to be iso'ing the all in player... readless in a vacuum i think this is a call but it's super close imo...
  8. shove>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>anything else
  9. fold... b/f river or c/c are both viable.. b/c against certain opponents is ok.. but i doubt ur ever good here... I think b/f is best ur going to get value from weaker made hands that would check back river... gotta fold now tho..
  10. this is an easy fold imo... Altho it's a 5 dollar tourney so meh... against good players this is an easy fold...
  11. I'd prolly c/c the flop if he's frisky enough to fire the second barrel i'd fold to that... but i'd be checking that flop almost 100%.. I'd probably check that flop with 99% of my range..
  12. I would be in for all 3 tiers.. someone keep me in the loop so that I don't miss it this time...
  13. In theory I think we should in practice I don't think that I do tbh...
  14. Sure QQ 3b's a % of the time.. but not 100%.. so i think we can include that in his range obviously discounted... assuming you call.. what hand do you expect villain to have taken this line with that he is turning into a bluff on the river? I ask this because we beat exactly 0% of his value range..
  15. We want this tho... they just add equity to our hand if they're in there.. Why do we care if they are peeling gutterballs and bottom pair?
  16. some reads on original raiser would be helpful.... in a vacuum I'm 3b calling or shipping here... I can't think of any good reason to flat tens with 25 bbs pre... if u think we're behind his UTG opening range then fold is fine... but unless he's a super nit I'm jamming or 3b/calling pre.. As played we have to c/f river here...
  17. Caecilius and Neverscaredb... both ship majors (live or online) this coming year... two of the sickest players i know

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