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  1. bet OP folded here tbh.... his value range is so narrow on the river that he should always have it here ie. this is a really bad spot to bluff.. villain is good and knows that this is a bad spot to bluff so without some crazy 45th level levelling going on this should be a fold...
  2. LOL @ this thread... flat>fold>3b pre imo given reads (I'm assuming he has been fairly tight) Once we've flatted we beat almost nothing on that flop that wants to proceed past a cbet.. I'd flat flop and fold turn if he barrels again... and plz don't raise the flop that's just absolutely horrible.... if we are calling down we are essentially hoping he's firing 3 streets with A10 or worse...
  3. The call is blatantly horrible... like... i hope he won a seat cuz that's 10k of dead money.. shove is fine calling ranges for the bb should be QQ+ and sb should be roughly the same.. u might be able to fold to a seat but i don't think that you are going to get there often enough to make this a fold...
  4. hahahaha... ur still my hero bro... wonder what i'd be doing if u never taught me to play this infuriating game...
  5. You are missing the point imo... the point isn't that ZOMG we have AQos.. we are 3b/calling the original raiser... i love 4betting light and there are many good spots to 4b light... if i was looking for a spot to 4b light this certainly wouldn't be it because my perceived fold equity is so low due to stacksizes... therefore id weight his cold 4b range toward the top and almost believe it has no air... I'm not being results oriented i thought this was a fold when i first read the hand..
  6. That's one hell of a gross line whatever it is... id fold here tho...
  7. I really liked this post... I'd say that just because we assign him a range of 99+ AQ+ that doesn't necessarily mean that he is going to auto-jam 99 here.. I think he folds the bottom portion of his range some % of the time and shoves some % of the time given dynamics... I think we are way more likely to see the top of his range here than the bottom... I definetly think this is close and I don't think calling is terrible.. but since he's gonna think ur never folding he should (in theory) never be light here.. cuz being light here is bad if ur never folding... I disagree with the statement o
  8. If we assume that he's going to b/c the turn 100% here with his range then shove>flat for reasons that uve already stated... I also don't think he's going to c/f the river after putting in this much of his stack already.. even if he misses he's going to desperation jam some non 0% of the time.. the question is whether or not we get more value from him jamming on the river or if we get more value from him calling off his draws on the turn... I'd bet it's fairly close in this instance so in a tournament such as this I can see merit in shoving the turn..
  9. I think we can assume he's pushing his entire range that he would want to be continuing with... Even though we're 5 handed I think his cold 4b value range is going to be 99+ AQ.. so we're behind his value range.. it just depends how much air u think he is going to have in his range... I don't think he's going to have much cuz i don't think he's gonna think ur ever folding so I'm pretty sure this is a close fold...
  10. u did a real nice job editing the hh to take the names out.. now fold
  11. ez fold... eff stacks aren't near big enough to flat here
  12. meh i dont love it but i think this is a call...
  13. I might not be the right person to answer this because i win at least 95% of all my flips even when im running bad but for those of u who don't win at least that many i'd say u should probably just decide if u want to play the hand based on their shoving ranges from watching the table play.. its either a +EV spot or it isn't...
  14. I agree with a lot of what ur saying here... I'm not calling K9 or 44 here.. I could be convinced that 66+ is a call but 44 is just never in good shape against a realistic 27bb shipping range.. altho i dont think ive ever cold shipped 27bbs bvb so its kinda hard for me to ascertain what a realistic range for him in the sb is...
  15. bc unless he's a nitbox AKos is going to do very well against his shoving range which is going to be comprised of 77+ AQos+ roughly imo.. Edit: it's fkn 6 max too.. this is a call full ring let alone 6m...

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