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  1. I hate 420's line with 100% of all of his holdings.. flop is an easy c/f... preflop is meh id 100% flat IP but OOP id probably play it the same...
  2. I'd call K9 before i would call 44 here.. not saying that i'd call either.. calling is bad because we're calling off 30 bbs in a spot where we're so very rarely better than 50/50.. and often times we're crushed by 55-99 etc... if he made a standard open and u shipped i would be fine with that.. but calling off 44 is just terribad in this spot... I'm too lazy to do the maths but I'm sure that if we assigned him a range of 22+ A2ss+ K7ss+ K9os+ Q9ss+ QJos+ we're going to have a losing proposition on a call.. and that's assuming he's pushing REALLY wide.. without any history we are going to have
  3. wp now ship the rest in....
  4. Always played well when he's been at my tbl... gl to him
  5. This.... ud have to be horrible for his play to be bad.... so what are u saying?
  6. ship this plz... I don't even think its close tbh.. esp if blinds are going up soon... and the buyin level makes a huge difference u could get called by KJos...
  7. All these forums have gone to shit imo... the advice in this thread is mind boggling... the only way that flatting pre is ok here is if u know ppl behind u are going to play passive and not squeeze ur obviously weak hand and the original raiser is so bad that u are going to win the pot some non zero % of the time when u don't make a set.. As played bet flop.... raise turn.. shove river.. ez game
  8. The river is an easy c/c or b/f... b/c is bad cuz he's rarely goign to be bluffing after uve fired 3 streets into him and it doesn't look like ur folding.. I think c/c is better because his most likely holding is some type of draw and there's little value in betting..
  9. I never post on here but lol @ some of this stuff... pre and flop are fine/good imo.. I'd call turn call any river... we check the flop because we are in a WA/WB situation... since we are never folding at any point here the key to maximize his bluffing frequency, which we do by checking back the flop and letting him pound his entire stack in with whatever hand (his flat is terrible) he decided to flat..
  10. My 5th in the Monday 1k and 5th in 100c isn't included yet.....
  11. Congrats man.. u pretty much just decimated what i considered to be an extremely difficult final tbl... best ive seen in a while... don't know u irl but seems like ur a good guy... congrats on the ship..
  12. It changed after i got back from vegas.. i wouldn't leave that agreement either but this is just a std makeup agreement
  13. I'll be on tomorrow day 6 is a big moving day for me...
  14. 1.) He owes me ~19k 2.) I'm a net 80k positive in the staking agreement roughly I believe
  15. As I contemplated making this thread I thought to myself how badly I was going to get flamed for making it.. and that the answer to my questions are fairly obvious... but then i just said ah fk it if there's one person who has something valuable that I haven't thought of then it's worth it... So I am currently backed by a close personal friend who I went to college with.. he enjoys poker recreationally but doesn't play it seriously/well because he has a ton of money and generally doesn't care.. He has been backing me ever since I started playing full time in december with conditions that

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