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  1. The mind of a donk with 4 tables (same tournament) up... (JUST an example) on 2 tables he has 49s and say 10 2s and both table he faces a raise and a light reraise. He is prob gonna call both becuase he has 2 chances of flopping the flush or flush draw......It sucks when something like this happens but thats poker. I think overtime more and more donkeys will just dry up even more so and the more they push this the tougher and tougher this game will be for the regs and semi regs. This will create a boom for a short period of time for FTP but once the Donkeys get even the slightest bit smarter they will play strictly on PS and not play ANY M.E.T.S.

    are you implying that this is bad?

  2. being positive helps you make the best decisions.. so on that regard I agree with OP.. but being positive doesn't inherently affect how the cards runout AK vs QQ.. sry.. if ur a good poker player over a long period of time u will do well and show profit.. agree with pgh tbh... I'm sure the reason uve done well OP is cuz u are good at poker ..

  3. I keep trying to figure out why people are always saying dont be results oriented? How can you not be when that is the only thing that matters? Its like saying hey Cleveland your 8-37 i know your playing hard and trying to do the right things but you just keep getting unlucky. please help me on this one!!!

    Seriously... gotta go there? If this analogy is like ur poker game it's probably bad news for u cuz the cavs aren't just unlucky they're just fucking terrible.... (no clue who u are so not commenting on ur game)


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