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  1. I miss weed. need to check with doc next appointment to see if I can have it will check it out. dialysis got upped to 4 hours starting last night so I'll need something to do just a fleshwound honestly hope talking about this gets more people to do it. already on my brother to get his ass to the doc don't remember posting about this, but too much of a coincidence for you to randomly say a book I wrote a script for. sucks it didn't go anywhere...with good timing it could have prevented the shitty hunger games from being made fuck this made me laugh
  2. something like 250/x, don't remember what x was. never felt bad. 2 weeks before it was 100 points lower. will find out more about transplant time/expectations soon. we have a meeting set up soon.
  3. Warning: this is going to be long. (that's what he said)... For those who have noticed my extended absence and haven't been able to really enjoy their lives without worrying about me, I figured I'd surface for a bit today. For those of you wo only recently signed up for OT for the riveting political discussion, I used to be a big deal around here, living in Okinawa and shipping exotic snack boxes to roundeyes while making poor poker staking decisions, and may or may not have dated a girl off the Wendy's dollar menu. Friday before Memorial Day I still had some annoying respiratory iss
  4. *well fucking done
  5. dumped my AMC after it doubled. congrats on holding
  6. SWING AND A DRIVE! WAY BACk, WAY BACK, IT’S.... caught by the right fielder in front of the warning track, and the Sox lose a heartbreaker 3-2
  7. he starts every sentence with "myyaaaaaaap" as bad as he is, he's more than a few steps away from Hawk Harrelson
  8. sign that covid lockdowns have gone on too long
  9. i'm praying for rain. I'm praying for a tidal wave.
  10. Olajuwon > Shaq > Robinson >Ewing to see who gets to back up Bosh
  11. Don’t think he’s defending. Clinton’s famous BS line “depends on your definition of ‘is’”
  12. Spent a week in Effingham. Can confirm
  13. most automatic out I've ever seen
  14. At this point, with this type of vaccine, we don’t know the downsides, or if there are any. I posted above I got my 2nd shot today, but I can easily understand apprehension around something that has never been used before and was fast tracked through all of the normal processes. As long as people who don’t get it aren’t skipping it so Bill Gates can’t track them, I hate having them all lumped together and labeled selfish or anti-vaxers
  15. Sitting in the penalty box after getting Pfizer #2. Trying to find the bitch who cut the line because “they told me to be here at 10”.
  16. batting average too low
  17. https://thehill.com/opinion/civil-rights/551141-twitter-allows-racist-slur-against-tim-scott-to-trend-for-12-hours
  18. Buck Martinez is awful
  19. Hollywood cares about all races, genders, and everything else, as long as they have a home

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