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  1. Let’s hope for far less shitty balls and strikes calls tonight
  2. Series far from over, but holy fuck Houston looked flat from the beginning last night. Don't think Altuve/Bregman/Correa even reached 1st base
  3. That Kike is so hot right now. Kike.
  4. On the Devers slam I said “oh my God” and a nurse came running
  5. Was getting hooked up for dialysis in 1st inning. Had to stop the nurse so I could celebrate the JD grand slam
  6. Feel bad for laughing
  7. we need more rational posts like this from everyone. not just blindly following whatever side you're on
  8. it's in his IRS reform plan. any bank account that has more than $600, the bank has to report transactions to the IRS. that'll sure put a stop to the billionaires avoiding paying taxes
  9. Need score to hold to hit parlay. Took Sox -1.5, Sale 6+ k’s, and Devers, Bogaerts and Verdugo to get hits
  10. . you didn't see my goodbye OT thread? entertainment levels off the chart dude... yes and yes
  11. doesn't seem good IRS would track all bank transactions over $600 under Biden plan; Businesses revolt (yahoo.com)
  12. What would politics be if the side not in power wasn’t crying about something the current side is doing, which they also did last time they were in power? Then there’d be no whataboutisms, and I’m not sure we’re equipped to argue without those aces up our sleeves
  13. love his Letterman impression
  14. Renfroe leads the majors in assists and errors

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