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  1. KK gonna start a gofundme for Disney actresses
  2. I wish I had skills half as good as Lefty
  3. Adding Schwarber to the mix lets Boston basically go lefty/righty the whole way down. Not sure I'd rather have a right handed bat. 1. Kike 2B 2. Schwarber 1B 3. Bogaerts SS 4. Devers 3B 5. JD Martines DH 6. Verdugo LF 7. Renfroe RF 8. Vazquez C 9. Duran CF
  4. if Schwarber comes back healthy, he's having a great year now let's get Berrios
  5. what the fuck is this Newbie shit?
  6. I didn't realize they were only 2.5 back from the 2nd spot. I don't see them catching Oakland, but that totally changes my thoughts on the trade. If Stanton could ever get his head out of his ass, DJ, Judge, Gallo and Stanton is lethal. But Stanton's at the point now where I don't fear him at all when he comes up with runners on. He's so easy for Boston to pitch to, unlike DJ and Judge (and that pesky fuck Gardiner).
  7. seriously doubt they deal Duran, who looks to be a big part of their near future. Rizzo or Kimbrel would be great acquisitions though. Boston hasn't had any production from 1B, and their strong bullpen would be adding the best closer in baseball this season. What do you think of the Yankees dealing 4 prospects for Gallo? He gives them a desperately needed left handed bat and has a bargain contract for next year, but they are 9 games out so you can forget about 2021, and his salary will go way up next year in arbitration.
  8. whereas Boston's bullpen was awful last year and has been a huge strength this year
  9. any time you take 3 of 4 from the Yankees you should give up hope
  10. Pirates not a bad name agree Phillies was no effort, like when the Jazz moved out of New Orleans and just said "fuck it, I don't feel like changing it to make sense"
  11. all those names get a pass because we've grown up with them. You come up with a new name in today's world, like Pelicans or Guardians, you gotta do better. I guess a better question though is what current team names aren't dumb when you really think about it?
  12. a group of coworkers from our Arizona office already sent a can in a care a package. everyone's got jokes
  13. gotta make sure when you sign your NDA, it doesn't include going on national tv.
  14. Donkwood is my other account
  15. Register as a potential donor - Donor Registration (donorscreen.org) need my name and birthday to fill out form. anyone serious pm me
  16. I'm sure there are several more, but I'm the only one brave enough to post about it
  17. met with the transplant team monday for the first time, had a shit ton of blood taken for testing, and got a 3 hour crash course on how this is all going to work, including medication I'll have to take post-transplant for the rest of my life. now that everything is underway, they set up a site for people to sign up to be tested to be a donor. my wife posted the link on her facebook, and already 3 people I have never met have signed up. it amazes me how there are people out there who could do that without knowing the person at all. My neighbor is putting me in contact with someone he knows who has gone through this, where his living donor was someone who had never met him but wanted to help him out. seeing that there are people like this out there really makes me want to be a better person going forward.
  18. He has looked really good this year. I hope it translates to when he starts next year
  19. I would assume dollars but dgaf
  20. Reports - Shohei Ohtani donated Home Run Derby earnings to Los Angeles Angels' staff members (espn.com)
  21. sad thing is my wife thought it was just as bad as I did, told her friend that, but is still watching it even though it's awful. I think it's her way of getting away from me after being a 24/7 nurse
  22. watch 1 episode, or just a few minutes. it's worth the lols

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