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  1. it's worth 10 minutes for the lols
  2. Claire Daines in Igby Goes Down, a very underrated movie
  3. wife's best friend recommended Virgin River on Netflix the other day. I said I'd give it one episode, but it only took 3 minutes to see this would be one of the biggest piles of shit ever. Everyone reading this should put it on tonight just to see how long they can make it before throwing something through their tv.
  4. WAR leaders through All Star Break: 1. Vlad Jr TOR. 2. Tatis Jr SD 3. Correa HOU 4. Mullins II BAL 5. Ohtani LAA 6. Simien OAK 7. Acuna Jr ATL 8. Turner WSH 9. Bogaerts BOS 10. Devers BOS
  5. this. watching both sides mud sling every chance they get, then endorse the winner as if they hadn't just vicariously attacked their character is a huge part of why politics are fucking awful. "yeah I know I said those terrible things, but I clearly don't believe them because Go Team and by the way can I be your VP?"
  6. only echoing what others have said, but user DONKWOOD works at that site. A PM to him is your best bet. if you don't hear back from him, URI_Stunna usually backs him up
  7. not a fan of deep dish. if you're ever in the Naperville area, you gotta try Lil Pop's. the owner comes from the same area of NY I was living in before moving here, and it's the only legit NY style I can find out here.
  8. smoking a pork butt today using a no-salt rub, and made a spicy carolina vinegar based bbq sauce (can't have tomatoes). can't wait to pull and shred. restrictive diets are only as bad as you let them be.
  9. favorite female performances: Ellen Burstyn - Requiem for a Dream Jodie Foster - Silence of the Lambs Natalie Portman - Closer Madeline Stow - 12 Monkeys Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio - The Abyss
  10. and Apocalypse Now over both
  11. they're really taking the "win this for Koblyn" seriously
  12. ^^ty sir. just finished physical therapy. my PT is my new favorite person. he kicked the shit out of me and I feel amazing.
  13. haven't seen anyone posting about the nationwide car shortage. since I won't be driving in the near future, I checked out carmax and carvana to see what they would give me for my car. ended up getting $150 more than I paid for it 2 years ago, $6k more than I owe on it.
  14. learned that while in the hospital. crazy
  15. My brother is getting tested soon for a match. Somehow siblings only have a 25% chance of matching
  16. how was breakfast?
  17. woke up today feeling the best I have by far since this all started. did PT today and am now approved to move around the house without the walker, with no nagging allowed from wife. actually able to take a shit today which is by far the best news I've had in ages.
  18. where do I get one? fuck this waiting around for a donor match
  19. jeez this sucks. I don't mind sharing the thread but feel your story needs it's own venue
  20. that's how I'm looking at it. this sucks but is very doable
  21. I miss weed. need to check with doc next appointment to see if I can have it will check it out. dialysis got upped to 4 hours starting last night so I'll need something to do just a fleshwound honestly hope talking about this gets more people to do it. already on my brother to get his ass to the doc don't remember posting about this, but too much of a coincidence for you to randomly say a book I wrote a script for. sucks it didn't go anywhere...with good timing it could have prevented the shitty hunger games from being made fuck this made me laugh
  22. something like 250/x, don't remember what x was. never felt bad. 2 weeks before it was 100 points lower. will find out more about transplant time/expectations soon. we have a meeting set up soon.

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