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  1. Don’t think he’s defending. Clinton’s famous BS line “depends on your definition of ‘is’”
  2. Spent a week in Effingham. Can confirm
  3. most automatic out I've ever seen
  4. At this point, with this type of vaccine, we don’t know the downsides, or if there are any. I posted above I got my 2nd shot today, but I can easily understand apprehension around something that has never been used before and was fast tracked through all of the normal processes. As long as people who don’t get it aren’t skipping it so Bill Gates can’t track them, I hate having them all lumped together and labeled selfish or anti-vaxers
  5. Sitting in the penalty box after getting Pfizer #2. Trying to find the bitch who cut the line because “they told me to be here at 10”.
  6. batting average too low
  7. https://thehill.com/opinion/civil-rights/551141-twitter-allows-racist-slur-against-tim-scott-to-trend-for-12-hours
  8. Buck Martinez is awful
  9. Hollywood cares about all races, genders, and everything else, as long as they have a home
  10. amazing last line is amazing
  11. Bitcoin Is An 'Open Ponzi' And 'Failed Currency,' Says Black Swan Author Nassim Taleb (msn.com)
  12. There’s one on eBay listed at $5300
  13. One side screaming Reets is just as annoying as the other side’s Lol Cults, both refusing to actually listen to the other point of view and actually discuss. But whatever, that’s where we are. Just really shitty to make personal jabs at someone’s kids
  14. We’re making fun of other members’ kids now? Classy
  15. but less embarrassing as having to choose between Trump and Biden
  16. JKoblyn

    RIP Shock G

    Love that song
  17. JKoblyn

    RIP Shock G

    Just another black man caught up in the mix, tryin to make a dollar out of 15 cents
  18. Looks like it’s time for me to cut back on mEth
  19. What a great undertitle for him Was hoping you’d weigh in, even if you disagrees with me

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