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  1. Agreed. Its tough playing with $190m when you were expecting $225m* *accuracy of numbers not guaranteed
  2. I heard the room only had one bed and they never asked the front desk for a cot
  3. I don't think anyone has said S1 was brutal. The first few episodes are understandably slow, because there are a billion characters to introduce. It is nowhere near brutal, nor is it the least awesome of the 5 seasons. 4,3,1,5,2
  4. Dyzalot wrong again Pretty sure if it's illegal to see the private parts of the person while fucking, it's gonna be illegal to share pics of said parts via text messaging. In the future, read the fine print and do your research before posting.
  5. haven't read entire thread, so apologies in advance for the repost:
  6. Was on some sports site yesterday, and at the bottom they have their own related links, plus advertised links from other sites. Can't remember the site, but link was "Justin Verlander lovingly flips a ball to gf Kate Upton. Watch her too adorable reaction!"
  7. During the first few episodes, I couldn't get why people considered it the goat. Then without noticing, I was hooked and couldn't stop watching. Season 2 was nowhere near as good, but still a good watch
  8. Gonna need a pair of her panties to be sure. Pm me for mailing address
  9. 10th in WAR 18th in SLG 22nd in OBP 29th in HR 33rd in AVG 11th in wRC+ 12th in wOBA even you can't argue he's not the goat
  10. why is Kate Upton sitting next to Joe Maddon?
  11. I don't want to go back through Skeeze's thread to figure out what gloamer thinks is a better season than Wire S4, so i'm going to assume it's something obscure and british
  12. wire season 4 isn't greatest single season of all time or breaking bad isn't > the wire?
  13. I posted greatest single season of a show ever. Haven't decided if Breaking Bad > The Wire yet
  14. Kruk: he won't get anything to hit this at bat with 2 outs Ortiz: lol

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