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  1. I’m sure no jury members watch the news and if they do, they self report.
  2. Just got my annual bonus at the reduced pandemic rate. Time to get me some graphite
  3. I hear it’s not much worse than cat scratch fever
  4. Who’s buying more?
  5. When the cancel culture comes for OT, we need to give the Lefty to save the rest of us
  6. Agree with that. Interested to see others’ opinions as well. I think the difference between her and Trump was “confrontational” vs “March peacefully” or whatever the fuck he said, but obviously he was pushing a false/unprovable narrative in the weeks leading up to it. I also almost added to my question “answer this without any whataboutism”, but what fun is that?
  7. What are your thoughts on what she said?
  8. Pelosi said Waters doesn’t need to apologize so I’m good with that, and so should all of you
  9. Will 3rd degree murder via the depraved heart clause satisfy everyone, or will there be riots
  10. That might be his best role. Wanted to climb through the screen and punch him (and Percy) in the face
  11. you'd think after this many deaths, and your scoreboard debacle, you'd stop calling it the common cold
  12. I know plenty of Trump haters who are worried about putting a fast tracked vaccine into their bodies until they see more long term results. that is not cultish
  13. Saving to giggle at in 5-10 years (assuming there’s still an OT)
  14. ^move to anal toy thread
  15. for those who didn't order their Lambo yet, it's only fitting to get the electric ferrari instead
  16. https://www.politico.com/video/2021/04/15/white-house-dials-down-likelihood-russia-offered-bounties-in-afghanistan-197568
  17. There’s another one coming I’m assuming we won’t talk about?
  18. I want to know what the fuck else was in that warehouse. Palace was packed with crates.
  19. He was shooting at cars? Wtf

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