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  1. I know plenty of Trump haters who are worried about putting a fast tracked vaccine into their bodies until they see more long term results. that is not cultish
  2. Saving to giggle at in 5-10 years (assuming there’s still an OT)
  3. ^move to anal toy thread
  4. for those who didn't order their Lambo yet, it's only fitting to get the electric ferrari instead
  5. https://www.politico.com/video/2021/04/15/white-house-dials-down-likelihood-russia-offered-bounties-in-afghanistan-197568
  6. There’s another one coming I’m assuming we won’t talk about?
  7. I want to know what the fuck else was in that warehouse. Palace was packed with crates.
  8. He was shooting at cars? Wtf
  9. The media, antifa, and the ice cream industry you mean
  10. pretty sure Pedro intentionally hit someone while flirting with a perfecto
  11. can't find the movies you just watched thread. just saw 7 Psychopaths and was entertained, especially by Sam Rockwell
  12. fuck it I'll take a stab at it then JB: lol I was talking about this to Bae the other night while trying some different cheeses with some friends from our book club. It's all a matter of removing yourself from the float, and at the same time negatively impacting those who are trying to short the stock for a profit. It's just a matter of protecting your investments. unrelated - talked to my Dad today. said he just got his 2027 tax return, so be on the lookout. sweetness: it's like them bitches I be picking up on the corner. if their pimp puts a price on them so high your average John can't afford them, you'd think it would just help all the bargain basement hoes. but when you're looking at a girl who is $25 an hour, and just down the corner is another one for $200, it kinda makes you worried you're missing out. so no one buys the cheap one, her pimp goes out of business, and then the prices come back down to a more reasonable, albeit fair price for the girl you originally wanted. RT2: there is an absolute correlation between the price of the stock falling and Donald Trump being in office. I guarantee that when we get his orange ass out of office and Biden takes over, the stock will go through the roof. Also, 563,991 of America's COVID deaths could've been prevented if Trump wasn't in office. Biden would've fast tracked a vaccine had he been in his place, and we'd all be much better off. Hacker: loooooooooooooooooooool you really think that shorting CBULF is going to work? I am fucking dying here reading the shit you literal reets spew. All you need to do is set a sell order for some astronomical amount, and fuck their short positions. I don't post here as much as I used to, but it's great to come back in and own and bone you fucking reets. swerve: (this space reserved for Stopper)
  13. fuck it, it's a slow day. do the same thing, but as: jaybone sweetness RT2 Hacker Swerve vortrosgaywarvane
  14. although I had asked to explain as if I were Donkwood, amazing response is amazing
  15. That’s like betting on Trump post election
  16. can you explain this to me as if I were Donkwood?
  17. Looks like we’re nearing middle ground here. Hopefully we’re setting examples for all of these argumentative fucks. You get the coast north of Bar Harbor, and a discount on lobster importing during off peak seasons
  18. Do any non-Quebec Canadians like Quebec?
  19. and if Chicago is included, you need to take on Detroit's contract as well

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