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  1. all those names get a pass because we've grown up with them. You come up with a new name in today's world, like Pelicans or Guardians, you gotta do better.

    I guess a better question though is what current team names aren't dumb when you really think about it?

  2. 45 minutes ago, slizza420 said:

    I have some kidney beanzz to offer. Hell of a lot cheaper too!

    a group of coworkers from our Arizona office already sent a can in a care a package. everyone's got jokes

  3. met with the transplant team monday for the first time, had a shit ton of blood taken for testing, and got a 3 hour crash course on how this is all going to work, including medication I'll have to take post-transplant for the rest of my life.

    now that everything is underway, they set up a site for people to sign up to be tested to be a donor. my wife posted the link on her facebook, and already 3 people I have never met have signed up. it amazes me how there are people out there who could do that without knowing the person at all. My neighbor is putting me in contact with someone he knows who has gone through this, where his living donor was someone who had never met him but wanted to help him out. seeing that there are people like this out there really makes me want to be a better person going forward.

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  4. On 7/18/2021 at 11:04 PM, URI_Stunna said:

    man tyhe yankees fucked up losising whihitlock

    He has looked really good this year. I hope it translates to when he starts next year

  5. sad thing is my wife thought it was just as bad as I did, told her friend that, but is still watching it even though it's awful. I think it's her way of getting away from me after being a 24/7 nurse

  6. 51 minutes ago, kellykip said:


    gf's friend told her it was really good.  The girl who recommended it is a fucking bird.  So it went right to the bottom of the pile of shows i will get to and it is still there.

    Therefore, your post surprises me 0.00%.

    watch 1 episode, or just a few minutes. it's worth the lols

  7. wife's best friend recommended Virgin River on Netflix the other day. I said I'd give it one episode, but it only took 3 minutes to see this would be one of the biggest piles of shit ever. Everyone reading this should put it on tonight just to see how long they can make it before throwing something through their tv.

  8. WAR leaders through All Star Break:

    1. Vlad Jr TOR.

    2. Tatis Jr SD 

    3. Correa HOU 

    4. Mullins II BAL 

    5. Ohtani LAA 

    6. Simien OAK

    7. Acuna Jr ATL

    8. Turner WSH

    9. Bogaerts BOS

    10. Devers BOS


  9. 1 hour ago, STOPPER19 said:

    All the theatrics (again, both sides, RNC and DNC) in the primaries was so eye-roll worthy and then seeing them all chum it up afterwards is some of the most deflating shit to watch.

    this. watching both sides mud sling every chance they get, then endorse the winner as if they hadn't just vicariously attacked their character is a huge part of why politics are fucking awful.

    "yeah I know I said those terrible things, but I clearly don't believe them because Go Team and by the way can I be your VP?"

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  10. not a fan of deep dish. if you're ever in the Naperville area,  you gotta try Lil Pop's. the owner comes from the same area of NY I was living in before moving here, and it's the only legit NY style I can find out here.

  11. smoking a pork butt today using a no-salt rub, and made a spicy carolina vinegar based bbq sauce (can't have tomatoes). can't wait to pull and shred. restrictive diets are only as bad as you let them be.

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