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  1. people multitabling 85 tables, time banking every hand
  2. nut all over him and jam after he raises the flop. This is a $4 180man, there's another starting up in a few min. GL to him if he has A6 or 66.
  3. i perfer to play with my nuts, rather than with chips
  4. i rly hope ur joking. the is the easiest tourny to win. if you need some help, PM me and ill send you the HH of my 180man win last night.
  5. easy jam, you will be surprised how often you will get snapped by AJ+
  6. possibly a repost, but so fn funny http://www.deviantsteve.com/essays/planes-trains-plantains.html
  7. wow dude sick brag. you must be sf retarded. This is 2 seconds of my life I will never get back.
  8. Dudes a sicko recent scores (in the last couple of months) include: Cake 100k- 1st for 20.4k Stars 75k- 1st for 15.9k Stars 15k- 1st for 10k Won 2 $109 f/os- for 7k+ each FTP $20 rebuy- 1st for 3.7k FTP 30k knockout- 3rd for 6.1k FTP 18k- 1st for 5.6k Has won two WCOOP Sats for 10.3k and 5.2k FT'd 8 other tournys He would have had a Triple Crown last month (in a 24hr period) if Pocketfives was tracking Cake poker at the time). Pocketfives please award BigDShaggyJ his Triple Crown now that you are tracking Cake poker. He's currently ranked #1 in Hawaii but needs to be in the top 100. MAHOLLA
  9. Gabe and AJ FTW and it's not even close. Way better hand analysis and humor (Gabe not AJ lol)
  11. Good. Now get rid of all the data minning sites and online software that people use. If you want to keep track of your stats and your wins/losses there's this program called Microsoft Excel.
  12. min raise him back and if he insta min reraises you or shoves, fold
  13. sunglasses obv don't see why you say the ipod. I listen to music when I don't feel like talking to any of the idiots at the table
  14. THIS villian has 22 or 33. Value town, populuation you. Riv bet looks like he wants a call, he has at least a flush in this spot. I'm a donkey with no big scores so my opinion means nothing. eeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaawwwwwwwwww
  15. 1. Mr.Kasino 2. JJProdigy 3. NioNio 4. Mark Seif 5. Wretchy
  16. Annette took town a 180 man tourny doing this.... I had to try one hand As I'm waiting for the BB I notice this guy raising everything and I told mysellf I'm going to cover my cards and outplay him on the first hand I obv flopped the nuts and bet for value, set a trap on the turn and took him to value town on the river. lol PokerStars Game #28326938606: Hold'em No Limit ($1/$2) - 2009/05/18 2:53:21 ET Table 'Lepus X' 6-max Seat #3 is the button Seat 1: DinDinh78 ($57 in chips) Seat 3: bigredhoss ($202 in chips) Seat 4: bjart1 ($227.95 in chips) Seat 5: Gollihezie ($200 in chips) Seat 6: kingoclubs ($200 in chips) bjart1: posts small blind $1 Gollihezie: posts big blind $2 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to Gollihezie [3d Th] kingoclubs: folds DinDinh78: folds bigredhoss: folds bjart1: raises $3 to $5 Gollihezie: calls $3 *** FLOP *** [4c 8c 9s] bjart1: checks Gollihezie: bets $6 bjart1: calls $6 *** TURN *** [4c 8c 9s] [Ac] bjart1: bets $19 Gollihezie: calls $19 *** RIVER *** [4c 8c 9s Ac] [Ks] bjart1: bets $37 Gollihezie: raises $49 to $86 bjart1: folds Uncalled bet ($49) returned to Gollihezie Gollihezie collected $132 from pot Gollihezie: shows [3d Th] (high card Ace)
  17. Getting Head...Pins shirt design: "Getting Head..." (top-centered) "Pins" (bottom centered) FTW
  18. I fold imo based on the insta shoving at these limits where people usually don't know how to play. He's got one of the following hands: 10 10 6 6 A A A 10 K K you should have either folded pre or on the turn. Let me guess, you called and were beat? Anyway GL at the tables.
  19. First Deal 15k starting chips blinds 50/100 utg (seat 3) limps utg+2 over limps I have AA in seat 7 and raise to 500 folds to utg and both call Flop: 6 2 9 rainbow action: check, check, I bet 1500; utg folds, seat 5 calls Turn: J action: check, I bet 3000 and get check raised to 6000 and call River: 3 action: utg+2 leads 3000, I call and he shows a set of jacks I lose over 10k on the first hand Should I fold after I get check raised on the turn with no reads? How would you play this hand differently?

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