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  1. OMFG on my mothers grave nobody slapped me r u shitting me i would rather get my ass beat 10x over if he touched me.
  2. just incase any1 is bored go take a look at all the high stake mtter tahn were talkin there faces off on this thread b4 hand about this ma for sure this and that are nowhere around this thread ironically now. cause just about all of them are buddies with bk n his buddies and to damn scared to speak there mind when they feel the same way as me guar. Chad
  3. this is the last i post in this thread chad said that he played on another accont when i self banned myself for 6 months prol 5 times or so in the last 2 months of myself banned. these people come in with accusations and are all buddies of bryn ironically with no proof. In all the years i been playing online poker i have never once been accused of any sort of cheating EVER during the 1st 4 months of myself ban i moved to vegas and was really into decorating my house and not playing poker at all . i didnt know many people out here so on the weekends id go over and smoke with akat bk and all those guys and watch what went on with my own eyes. i wasnt playing at all in this time and i dont like to snitch people out so i gave them there shot to stop or id go post what was going on and they stoped so i never said anything about it but when i found out about this i had too do the right thing for the people who play in these big buyin coop events etc. but as ive seen those people who play it also see those people in ? when they play live and well not post how they feel do to this issue. Chad
  4. what u mean ? dfish i said when i self banned myself for 6 months on both sites during the last 2 months i played a few tournies on joeys name ya i keep it real daryl not on both names. Chad
  5. this is gettin retarded tho obv no1 rly cares too much about the sitch in ? and this is gettin to be stupid. the fact of the matter is what i posted was factually about bryn mtt accounting , we then have his buddies come here and throw someone who plays in all the big tournies that bk has been mtt accounting in clearly and to come here and jump down his throat is just ridic. well im going to grind the rest of the day n focus and get away from this thread gl all. Chad
  6. haha im a mtt accounter cuase i played a few tournies on joeys name toward the end of my self bann cause i didnt know hwat 2 do with myself i went over u alls place and watched all ur buddies mtt account and not u then i told u all i was going public if it didnt stop and most of the people in ? stoped and bk obv didnt so here i am public. hey buddy people who mtt account and intend too dont bann there only legit acccount u asswipe.
  7. i never seen u mtt account at all i said he ghosted u to a few wins. Chad
  8. it didnt matter what akat would get deep in we all know he cant win so bk would basically drive the car.that day i was shocked and impressed to see that akat won something but didnt actually. CHad
  9. hey learn how to understand or it wasnt meant for u to understand if u dont get it. Its surely a good thing that i play poker for a living that dont teach english huh? Chad
  10. i rememer a day bro i won the 100r on stars saw u at belagio after and u bragged to me that u won the 100r on tilt that night the next day i saw bk he said i won the 100r last night on akats account on ftp i just lold. CHAd
  11. AKAT i think u should not post in this thread anymore bro b4 i ruin ur name too bro u r about as bad as bryn and u know what im talking about buddy. dont come around this thread defending ur friend when i watched him ghosted u to 3 of ur last 4 dec wins online over the last year when he was backing u . Well i guess since u guys wanted to act cool and come here and post on other topics i feel like lettin the world know about the ones who dont play by the rules. AKAT WHY DID U TELL UR NEW BACKERS THAT BK NEVER GHOSTED U TO ANY OF UR WINS AND U WOULD NEVER DO THAT AT ALL?? LOL AT Them backin u seeing how much u really have lost if those wins u didnt even get on ur own counted. keep folding lil pairs in the cutoff tho plz.
  12. ya this is pretty pathetic every1 is all over this topic when no1 had a clue to who it was now that who it is is dead clear none of the high stakes mtters that post constently even in this thread b4 say absolutely nothing. but the fact of the matter is msost of u all are soft and no bk in real life and to btch to come here and say nething. PS. and lol @ u guys saying ur gonna beat up bdybulding for what he said whys that cause people cant have fkn ethics anymore? or is it cause ur buddy is totally wrong here and when nething like this happens all u all are always right there but now that its ur buddy clearl in the spot light and u guys just nut up and say nothing at all. I also relize that bk used to stake both u guys etc, so maybee u guys are being nice cause u know the degenerate pos scumbag got his milly back. Chad
  13. haha jse81 did. got ur pm sur i dont plan on going to the freezing cold detriot anytime soon :(. either way best of luck to u buddy n stay n school imo. cant be bad to have a backup plan. M8kingmoves
  14. def nothing u can do about those keep putting in the volume n scores will come enivatably. gl to u. Chad
  15. we have a ept champion speakin,not a 2nd place mtt accounter douchebag shit talker. pm me ur aim dawg. Chad
  16. as any1 knows who knows me even just at the tables knows that will not let any sit ther en talk shit to me without saying how i feel. and u saying this is inappropriate for me to post has to be some sort of fkn level.
  17. i wonder why mark telcher few years back got his mill takin i guess he wasnt aloowed to coach 5 people and play but 1 person and play is ok from stars perspective apperantly.
  18. story about 15k is he was backin me live yes 1st wsop i lost 120k then won it all back in 5k event belagio. he gave me 15k and put it on makeup to pay for rooms etc . i then continued to get raped n live tournies only not online. he went broke oweing me 30k in buyins i had recently put up and was busto couldnt put me in 25k wpt champ coop. a few months prior to that we arranged that if i was still in makeup after wsop id pay him which i woulda but he went broke long b4 that owing me that 30k plus monte carlo that i had paid online with my own money. he went broke way b4 then so that 15k was in the makeup he lost by going broke..
  19. Is this message unwanted or inappropriate? Report this User breakingrollz is away (6:19:08 PM) breakingrollz: hey chad wait until i see u in vegas breakingrollz is away (6:19:08 PM) Away breakingrollz: and wait for the article i write about u doinitbig1123: ? breakingrollz: u piece of shit lowlife doinitbig1123: thanks doinitbig1123: bryn breakingrollz: u have no life breakingrollz: no friends breakingrollz: no $ breakingrollz: and ur a bitch doinitbig1123: ok bro breakingrollz: ur life sucks breakingrollz: and ur broke doinitbig1123: cool breakingrollz: nice to see me make a million, eh breakingrollz: ur gonna make nothing ever doinitbig1123: ima make sure starts takes that now doinitbig1123: ok bri breakingrollz: o ya breakingrollz: good thing breakingrollz: he has 30k breakingrollz: in his accnt doinitbig1123: i know bro doinitbig1123: i am kdiding breakingrollz: i have all the $ doinitbig1123: i know nothign gonna happen doinitbig1123: i just wnat them to know breakingrollz: chad when i see u breakingrollz: ever outside doinitbig1123: good doinitbig1123: i am waiting breakingrollz: im gonna make u cry doinitbig1123: mayb ull touch me htis time doinitbig1123: and not just talk shit breakingrollz: lol breakingrollz: ya cuz i slapped u doinitbig1123: i neve rid dnoothing too breakingrollz: across the face doinitbig1123: hahaa doinitbig1123: wat breakingrollz: and u just wanted to cry doinitbig1123: lol doinitbig1123: dude breakingrollz: ur a pussy breakingrollz: we both know it doinitbig1123: uk breakingrollz: and ur a lowlife breakingrollz: we both know that too breakingrollz: ur a scumbag doinitbig1123: ur bigger than me tho doinitbig1123: ill be waiting for u doinitbig1123: this time doinitbig1123: and iw as last doinitbig1123: good thing u didnt come up to me with ur boys after that 1 day doinitbig1123: but shouldnt fk ur friends over i was ur friend dawgt doinitbig1123: i didnt do shit to u breakingrollz: listen to me breakingrollz: u pay me the 15k u owe me breakingrollz: and never talk about me again doinitbig1123: i told u breakingrollz: and were even doinitbig1123: i idnt owe u that doinitbig1123: it was a deal breakingrollz: lol ya doinitbig1123: after coop breakingrollz: i just gave u it breakingrollz: it wasnt shit breakingrollz: i was just nice to u doinitbig1123: bro breakingrollz: and ur a piece of shit doinitbig1123: i didnt know that info breakingrollz: chad listen when i see u breakingrollz: ur gonna wish doinitbig1123: i got it from a bunch o guys doinitbig1123: told me breakingrollz: u didnt write 1 thing breakingrollz: about me doinitbig1123: the wrold doinitbig1123: was gonna know] breakingrollz: goodbye doinitbig1123: 4 guys hit me up today doinitbig1123: that doinitbig1123: and id dnt get change to right it breakingrollz: listen ill be in vegas in a week doinitbig1123: it was up by someone else breakingrollz: lets go for a walk doinitbig1123: cool breakingrollz: when im there doinitbig1123: we can doinitbig1123: ill be armed tho doinitbig1123: yummy breakingrollz: thats fine ill make sure i have people w me breakingrollz: that if u do anything like that doinitbig1123: well breakingrollz: u will die doinitbig1123: good breakingrollz: bye doinitbig1123: u will die then if u touch me doinitbig1123: hahaha doinitbig1123: and ur buddies too
  20. not 100% now 1000% as bryn just randomly imed me with those threats from what i said . and i made sure that it was 100 b4 i posted a few of his buddies made me aware. i would like to know alot of thought from the people affected by this. rly would. or we should stfu let bk play a few accounts every time we have a big series running then let his bro is back to 10$ games then like i said after this happened that the person was obv playing on that name cause they were freerolling for there bonus as was a fact too.
  21. no correct urself the ones who are scared to tell and knew didnt i found out today and it was already posted by some other guy when i was askin a few buds if i should make it known and they all said yes. so what ur saying is we should let him keep coaching his brother during the big buyins so its a higher prizepool?
  22. this was sucha clear cut case when it was investigated and stars obv knows its bks brother and what the real deal is . even though they cant do nothing for that 1 particular tournament by whats legal. the world should know what happened and what also happened in the scoop n how they let him keep his accont his brothers account know1 gets known of anything gets to get his money off there is freakin beyond me. wp stars.
  23. but i dont dig cheating or any1 doing it so if i get beat up a few times for doing whats right heh that cant be wrong. Chad

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