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  1. looks like ill make it up and splash some money in. sup bros
  2. Also 24shack24 now goes under the name allinwith83o on some sites, supposedly on merge. He also claims to be playing the WCOOP from Massachusetts, if anyone could confirm/deny this.
  3. He scammed me and a buddy for 2k and 1k, respectively a long time ago. Not sure if this ever got reported. He randomly appeared on twitter a couple days ago and I called him out. he instantly blocked me and then randomly tried to come at me today.
  4. the majority of people there are really stupid to begin with and will take a complete mob mentality over people who don't chop.
  5. this isn't really true. He held out for 4k more than what he was being offered and when they said no, he played.
  6. chad's obviously being retarded with his posts and he's really bad at typing/understanding wtf is going on but I promise he means well. Alot of the people ITT are now just trying to twist his words to make him the bad guy in this case. I understand you all want as much information as you can, and, yes, sharing accounts is definitely illegal and punishable, but there is also the issue of these ticket accounts to begin with. This is a part where if we kill the ticket accounts, then we kill the sharing accounts as well, since the people with these accounts won't share if they aren't freerolling everything anyway.
  7. i can 100% confirm chad never was part of this multi accounting.
  8. i was referring me to the derby incident more than the attitude once he said he wasn't moving. that's understandable even though you probably went a little too far with the threats.
  9. cant believe i read all that, but i did. i dont think kori owes anything but the loans. it looks like he weaseled his way out of this agreement unscathed but i mean obviously it doesnt look good for his character anyway and it's not like he's going to get another backing deal of any nature like this again. Obviously, the lesson that should be learned here is to have some sort of a contract/makeup clause for if a horse leaves in makeup. also mike's a pretty big asshole not letting kori stay home one more day, and thinking he owns kori and can tell him when and where to play. It's good to be running this like a business, but treating your employees in such an emotionally stressful game like slaves can't be good at all
  10. didn't fill up this weekend. the first tourney was definitely the outlier, not the standard.
  11. should probably read the first line of my last post.
  12. im preregging everything the day before anyways. They got 10 extra tables for tournaments so every max is 100 more than what it's specified as, and the other side events havent come close. I'm under the assumption as well that event 1 was a one time thing and the rest of the events wont be anywhere close to as big.
  13. ok. nothing worth preregging and paying a fee over. yes they turned down alternates for saturday, day 1c of the first event but if you are there and in line an hour beforehand then you'll probably get a seat. It'll be bigger after WSOP is over.
  14. that should really be clarified somewhere. nevermind, he's right. they finally wrote structures and rules on their homepage.
  15. re entry means you play one buyin on day 1. if you bust day 1, you can put one buyin into day 2. if you bust day 2, you can put one buyin into day 3, etc. There aren't any rebuys or addons, each day 1 is treated as an individual tourney unless you make it into day 2.
  16. already made my reservation with another hero. should be gr8
  17. the 100c is a gangster tourney but putting $600 into it is definitely a turn off. It didn't get that much overlay and even though now the prizes are super respectable, it's still going to be really hard to draw alot of fish into it, so it kind of defeats the purpose. I'd think this one would go best as a single, undoubtedly.
  18. playing better than ive ever seen him play in the last, like, year
  19. Jordan be honest, have you ever seriously folded QJs utg in a tournament?

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