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  1. I play $1-$5 stud and 2 weeks ago they moved the big stud game ($75-$150 $15ante) to the table behind me. If I win a big bot over $100 Ill tip $5 and the smaller the pot the smaller the tip. The "big game" behind me was arguing about why should they tip the dealer more than a $1 or $2 when they won a big pot. It blew my mind. I did see one guy tip $75 though. Other than that, it was a buck or two.
  2. Used to happen to me all the time live. Like previous posters have said, the more you play the less it happens. The only time it happens to me now is if I'm deep in an event and I win a huge pot.
  3. This is very good feedback thank you. utg+2 was playing a pretty tight game. everyone at the table but the chip leader was short. I was 3rd in chips with 14 bigs and the rest were def shorter. I really liked the honest feedback. It's really the only way ill get better. You both are right the correct play is folding. against a tighter player that has only played quality hands. I could have taken a quick bathroom break and cashed.
  4. After I busted I started to think that a fold was better. Not because I lost but because this was a no ante tournament. Plenty of room for play. Thanks for the reply.
  5. Im at a final table of a local card room. it was a wednesday 2:30pm tourney that only had 61 runners. anyway, top prize is $2,500 pays 6 people. here is the hand in question. I have T173,000 in chips to start the hand. ( no antes in this tourney) blinds 6k-12k (3rd in chips) I look down at Ad5d and the utg+2 raises to 24k and I call from the cut off and the BB calls. flop comes As Qd Jd. utg2 bets 37k and I insta shove. BB folds and UTG2 tank calls with AKo I brick the board and he has me covered by 3k! My thought process here was that that utg was a decent player who could
  6. I know its the worst! but, it does beat driving the 2 hours sometimes.
  7. look up easternpokertour.com I think thats kind of your best bet. or charity poker rooms like they have in salem nh milford nh and manchester nh
  8. NH missed the boat on this by about 10 years!
  9. Thanks. Now what happens when I don't cash? I assume that's all part of the deal we would make.
  10. I had a couple of friends recently ask me about paying part of my buy in to the one event I plan to play this year at the wsop. It's event #48 $1,500 stud event. Now I was VERY upfront with my ability ( or lack there of ) and they still would like to do it. Now if I take the money is there some 50/50 split if I cash? Or is it some sort of % that I would pay them? Any feed back would be nice. I dont want to screw these guys $ wise if I do cash. Im willing to accept up to half the buy in for the event if that helps in all of this. Any feedback would be great.
  11. I'm not against all tournaments re-entries. I do look at the structures before I buy-in. I just think that Casinos don't need all of their tournaments need to be like this. I understand from a marketing perspective it helps them, but Lets have a few where you get 1 bullet and that's it.
  12. As the title states, Can we please stop these kinds of tournaments. It seems like every Live tournament outside of the wsop is re entry. Am I the only one that dislikes these? I would like to hear P5"s thoughts on this matter. -sean
  13. Make sure you wear warm close inside the Freezer that is the WSOP! I heard it was cold. Very glad I brought a sweatshirt. If you can, try to bring your own food. I think two hotdogs chips and 2 soda ( for 2 people) was almost $30! Enjoy yourself,have fun and just plain be a "fanboy". Last year I watched a final table. The experience was really cool. Talk to the people at your table. I just played in the daily deep-stacks last year and I played with some very interesting people. I.e giogio medeci. very entertaining guy. i also played with a bracelet winner. Overall, VERY cool experie
  14. The deep stacks are: 3pm - $235 6pm- $185 10pm- $135 If you go to wsop.com they have all that info at the bottom of the page. make sure you bring a sweatshirt. its FREEZING in side the rio
  15. I think i am going to stay at the bellisimo. its a couple hundred cheaper for the weekend. The series starts thursday aug 14th. I think im going to play event #1 $356, event #3 the omaha 8 and #4 another $365
  16. who's going? I'm going to try and play a couple events this year. Also, is it me, or does Foxwoods not have a poker room rate for there hotels? I know im not trying to spend $600 plus on a hotel room for the weekend. I'd rather stay at one of the nearby hotels for half the $
  17. I made the mistake of eating in the poker kitchen at the wsop. 2 hotdogs, waffle fries and sodas was like $36. Granted the hotdogs were huge. but come on, its a hotdog.
  18. I'm playing a couple of the $235 deep stacks and I'll probably try to satty my way into a wsop event. If I dont, no biggie, I'm going to be checking out the whole wsop experience. Good luck to all that are going.
  19. I will also be seeing my first wsop action this summer. With that said, I think I may just play in the daily deep stacks. I'm out there for a good time. I'd rather get some play in. If I luck box my way from a satty I'll play a bracelet event.
  20. Triple H -wwe wrestler kole ayi- in my gym class and won a super bowl with the pats in 2001 chris romano- one of the writers and staring actors of blu mountain state. gabe whitney- not really a star, but he hugged bush and ended up on an episode of passions, the today show and the tonight show with leno. greg landry played as an NFL QB I'm sure there's more. If you add one of the other public highschools in town the you have current charger kendal reyes
  21. I was in a daily $160 at Foxwoods, I was pretty drunk and chip leader with 5-6 left. They threw out a chop idea. I said I wanted 3k (5k for first) they said no and we played on. I ended up placing 4th for 1200. I was fine with it. unless i find myself in for life changing money, I'm not chopping.
  22. I don't know how someone would think that show would be a good idea? 2m2m was more entertaining.
  23. This will be my first time going. Ill be going this Saturday night and playing in the $300 bounty on Sunday. ( well the $210/40/50) Best of luck to you!

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