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  1. 5000% plz gl, tid Is that the quantam reload trny? U buying in 3x and advancing to day 2 automatically?
  2. lol yep and donk wlda had 10 and others as well. If he thinks him 'outing' me is reason hes gettin $ hes a bigger fool than I thought. He wldnt have gotten it by Oct but he wlda gotten it and he knows it and has said so by making the PM offer he did. Otherwise id just tell him to fk off if I was never gonna pay lol. U dont need 6k anyway, take ur $608 freeroll % u mush
  3. Just the countless # of ppl who know me irl. Randers, Waco, Rip, Resilent, Sponge, Nlindley, etc etc etc. I bid adieu again, bout to get derp derp up in here
  4. Might be funniest thing in quite awhile. WP
  5. thx pal infinite fucking dots w/e, not a big deal Wait, all these b/c are excuses right (isnt that what someone said) & just wanted all to know u werent some white knight trying to protect community like u pretended to be and ur all about you. (which is fine, it's ur $) Coke and sports is wayyyy more expensive than $1500 obv
  6. .... You're not high on my list for several reasons and since u keep posting I will post these. You say in OP that you aren't tryin to be a dick but I have a PM I can post saying that you "want me to burn" and backed out on $500 deal u made with him to buy debt even though I have never met him or had any pre-arranged condition Then u backed out of a deal with Ripomatic for $600. U then PM me this Chemist: I decline the $500. My one and only counter is this: $1,500 by Oct 1, 2014 and consider it paid in full and I never speak your name badly again to anyone. I'll come into this thread and the other thread (if you want.. you may not want to get it bumped, etc) and say we both settled and are both happy $2,000 by Dec 1, 2014 with same terms as above $2,500 by Feb 1, 2015 with same terms as above $3,000 by Apr 1, 2015 with same terms as above If I'm not paid by Apr 1, consider it the full $4,500, and expect one of these threads to pop up every year or two until you make things right. I don't care if you send a little at a time or all at once if you plan on meeting any of these deadlines. If you don't plan on meeting these deadlines, then I'd greatly appreciate receiving a little at a time to cut in on the $4,500 over time. Don't bother countering. This is my only offer SO OBV u know ur getting paid or u would just take some $ as some is better than none so I don't get why u keep saying that ur gonna get 0 but w/e, cajuns gonna cajun Now I win $61K today and u send this as soon as my tournament is over Chemist: Clearly, I understand you owe more people than me, and I'm not high on your priorities for whatever reason. When I offered you buyout deals, I obviously wasn't expecting you to hit a 61k score within a week. I know 12k might not cover all you owe to everyone else, but I'd greatly appreciate it if you consider increasing my buyout share to 2k or 2500, considering how long I've waited for it. I'll post immediately that you paid me and I have no hard feelings, etc afterwards and won't talk bad about you publicly or privately to anyone again. Regardless of what you decide, congrats on the score. I hope it helps relieve some stress in your life. I obv don't care if ppl talk bad about me, Im a grown ass man but you did try to strong arm me and u are vindictive. U also have changed 3 deals #imnotsayinimjustsayin For all of OT, Sponge is getting paid first along with friends & family. I drove an hour to meet with investor and hand him 45k as soon as it was over I will send Chemist his $ before his allotted deadline and we'll see if he drops it as he has said or doesn't . I have a feeling he will but I don't know. Thanks for all the support from most everyone
  7. Guess ill stay clear of this thread also, lol. Heres the deal for ppl who dont get Poker. There are tons of players who are broke because of many reasons and it doesnt matter what ur badge says as thats just winnings. A lot of plys have makeup and are playin for diff %. i have makeup from friend who loans me $ when I need it and he just doesnt charge me normal makeup and freerolls me for 33% which is a ridiculous deal for me. Last year Rip nailed it but again u guys can bring up Chemist all u want but he's at the bottom of a VERY , VERY , long list. Thats just reality. He did send me a few payment options and he will be paid in full by Oct 1 regardless of my outcome today. Literally <5% of pkr players have as much $ as ppl assume. WHen I hit for 100k score in '08 I saw very little of it. Enough explainin, time to get to work.
  8. Same event I got 5th in last year (1433 runners ). This year 1673 runners and were down to 5
  9. Last reply hopefully. I contacted chemist and offered to send him $500 right now and I acknowledged the debt as I always have. I know a lot of u are thinking $500 ain't shit but to me it is right now. I myself would love to get $500 from ppl who I said I have no chance of ever gettin paid (ub/Ap/lock/Lindgren and a list of others) I also told him He will get the entire debt if he wants to wait but that could be a long time and he is on the end of a very long list. Not proud about it, just being real. Also, he did contact me in 2011 whe. Online went Dwn and we could cash in our FPPs but as I told him then those belonged to my backer at the time. I never said I wasn't paying and I never heard from him again. The worst part of this thread isn't chemist, it's people saying I free rolled Sponge. I told him flat out how broke I was. I have a good rep in betting threads, Fantasy &pools and selling/buying action. I could have easily bet big numbers with PSU, Wab, Qw, Nlind, Mhoddi, whoever if I wanted to scam people but I hadn't been in those threads for quite awhile b/c I had no $ . Sponge & I, We talked nearly every day and texted a lot as well so he clearly new my situation and said I could pay whenever I could and that that was fine. I don't know what others mean when they say they are broke but when I say it it means I'm broke. Really don't know what else to say about all that but I take umbrage to anyone thinking I was free-rolling anyone
  10. Have decided to stay out of this thread but I need to chime in now. As well as I clda offered to contact u and offered a discount so could u have contacted me in the past (which u haven't done once) and told me I'd take a smaller amount to be done. IVE ALWAYS ACKNOWLEDGED I owe the debt, anyone that can read can see this. A cpl ppl said they would buy the debt and I could pay them and I said I wasn't opposed to this but I didn't reach out to Blackbooked who I don't know to do this and when he did I said is rather owe someone I actually know. I listed prev that I am prioritizing but to get out of the debt for $550 I would give up 1/3 my roll right now even tho it'd hurt and I have no qualms stating this. You made the offer to BB and rip and if u don't want to honor it that is fine and u are owed $4500.
  11. Nope, not my job to judge u. I wish Sponge would have been more clear but I'm not gonna beg him to post what was actually said. I told him I was flat out broke while betting and he said verbatim that it's cool, he knows I'm good for it when I have it.
  12. I didn't realize that the OP didn't add this. I actually lost 10k, not the $4500 owed to him. The OP said it was just as much the players account I used fault and so he kept $5k from him out of his stake and I have paid $500 to Chemist (10%) of the debt. As far as prioritizing the debt I am undoubtedly doing this. It goes Ex-Wife $ for kids and whatever they need first Other bills second Debts from friends/family loans Debts from gambling with friends on sports/fantasy/w/e Somewhere in here goes having a life and golfing and movies and other interests I have. I have no problem stating that even if its not what some want to hear Debts from others I imagine everyone does this whether they choose to admit it or not. Im an open book and I fucked up that day. I could've just waited a few days until I had the $ and knew everything was ok with backer and none of this would've happened. I promise I am the one who regrets this the most but I didn't do that. Hell, I 100% could've gotten OP to stake me back then and he is a much better backer than one I had but that's another mistake
  13. Appreciate it Kip and they're right, I do need better Coke
  14. Absolutely!. I know first hand how shit can get messed up in a hurry, whether its for $50-500-or $5000. I booked for a long time and have seen/heard every story u can imagine. Id explain it but get begrudge by some for explaining it and/or playing the victim. And for record, I don't know either of those 2 irl but w/e
  15. Thank u so much for making me laugh As always
  16. Here u go again. I feel like im talking to a woman. Because I explain FACTS that happened doesn't mean I feel sorry for myself. Things happen, thats it. You know how to get ahold of me any time u want. SMH There is a reason bookies call bettors every Monday and why Bill Collectors call ppl in debt and not the other way around. You never asked me to contact you to tell u I was broke, only if I had something for you but I really don't want to argue because this is foolish. You can contact me any time you want. I can make u a detailed list of my debt and where u stand on that chart if u so wish. 2 wise old men told me to stop responding to u and I didn't take their advice but think I should. Contact me any time
  17. I said I wouldnt respond to OP but I have to when he posts things like this. I am not disputing I owe anything, I am saying you are not my top priority or even close to it because of the situation of how the debt occured. U also say things like I havent communincated. U havent' texted, called, emailed or anything in forever and I always responded to you asap when u did but you don't say that and spin it as you've been trying to contact me and I dodge you which isn't the case. Again, maybe you are or arent't trying to spin it this way but that's certainly the way Im reading it. I am owed upwards of 6 figures and that's on me. WHen u book, gamble, stake, what have you, u take an inherent risk that sometimes you will not get paid back. It happens all the time. My take is obv I want the $ but if someone doesn't have it but at least communicates with me and tries then I am fine. I think you know if you contacted me at all that I would answer or call u right back. I can't give what I don't have and it has been a long time but I can promise you I wouldn't have paid u the $1000 if I was just going to give u the middle finger and disappear.
  18. This is exactly correct and for those who I didn't make it clear to I accepted the debt to the OP. To the OP it doesn't matter if I got fucked or what, he just wants his $ which is totally understandable. From my point, I have to hit a large score to pay back the OP. Me sending $50-100 here and there kills me as I don't have a lot of money but doesn't really help him. If I have car,mortgage, utility to pay and then personal debt I am obv going to pay the things that have to be paid. But I shouldn't be making bets with OT (or anyone) in the meantime. I first priority is certainly to Sponge as I consider him a friend and that debt is all my own. Don't really know what else to say but wanted to make that clear. For a professional online poker player , things have changed drastically in the past half decade. Not blaming anyone, that's just the way it is and I haven't fully recovered.
  19. I agree with this as well but I also wasnt posting in those threads tryin to get action either
  20. That's fine, u are the mod and w/e u say goes. I am in 3 leagues right now. I just sent MKind 100 so if someone is willing to take my team (Its loaded) then he can send that 100 to sponge . I am in 2 of OneM's league but havent shippped yet because of finances so if someone wants to take those 2 teams and pay OneM that is fine. Pretty OI at the moment that Im drudging shit up from 6 yrs ago where I got bent over instead of having the $, OP being paid, and none of my faults out in the open but such is life. If u wanna ban me Ill understand that as well.
  21. Last response to you as I just think at this point you are tryin to piss me off/make me look bad. Anyone in OT doesn't include u. Haven't even seen u in here in forever and have never made/attempted to make a bet or buy/sell action with u. THat is what I meant by Everyone in OT which was pretty easy to understand
  22. Im not fully to blame but I did say I would make it right and have not. It doesn't matter if online crashed or w/e, OP is owed that $ and Im not making thread or ever thinking Im gettin paid by old backer so yes he is owed. Thanks QW and others who know me and have acknowledged it, I appreciate it
  23. What does this even mean? Have I asked for sympathy? Get back on ur meds , I think you've eaten some bad Gator or something

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