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  1. I'm buying Ke'Bryan Hayes and Shohei Ohtani cards.
  2. What the fuck is this? I haven't been around the forums for a while, I can't reply to you directly in the thread where you posted this because it's closed. I'm just chiming in to say you are a liar. I didn't post false lines, I did not admit that, you're ridiculous. I posted accurate lines that I saw on the books and said quote to book. Just like you did today. Lines often moved in my favor afterward because I know what I'm doing.
  3. I mean, what the fuck? This simply isn't true, and it's demonstrably false. I had plenty of action during this contest, do you not remember? I made around $8,000 from the side betting contest alone. I kept getting action in the sports betting thread as well. But yes, after it became clear I was a professional sports bettor, my action plummeted. At a certain point I wasn't getting enough action, so I stopped posting. This was AFTER I was "outed" as a professional bettor.
  4. I posted accurate lines when I saw them and locked those odds in. I wasn't the only person to do this. You did this. Many others. The difference in my case was that I consistently picked the value side, so odds moved in my favor more often than not. You said I wasn't a sharp bettor and we ran a side contest. You quit after 2 days. I posted a +200 unit season. So since even you can't deny that I can crush fair and square,you have to bring up the Barry Bonds analogy, without providing any evidence. As I said 3 years ago, if you posted dozens of plays every day and let me choose what plays I wanted, I would take every cent you own. Fair and square.
  5. You're the one that brought my name up. I'm not going to let you just talk shit (I obviously didn't see this before, as I don't log in very often). Truth is a stubborn thing. It doesn't change. I was beating OT fair and square back then because I knew more about sports betting than anyone else. That gap has only increased since then. I don't need OT for my action any more. I know that sounds arrogant, I don't mean it to be, but it's the truth. I still love and respect OT as an online community.
  6. Get this shit outta here I didn't scam anyone. I made a bunch of money in OT with sharp bets. I made way more in the years since on sportsbooks. I never lied about odds, I never didn't pay someone I owed. Get the fuck out.
  7. Rough couple of days to be a Pittsburgh sports fan. Holy shit.
  8. Reviewing penalties is such a stupid decision. I mean at least save that shit for the playoffs or something. This is brutally slow.
  9. I guess I'm not the only person who has had this thought. It's the first result when I Google "why do people eat ..."
  10. They're slimy and gross. I'm convinced no one actually likes eating them, but people keep eating them because they are expensive and they are told they are supposed to like them. So it's partially a status thing ... "I could eat some decent tasting seafood like shrimp or fish, but instead of gonna eat this more expensive slime." Or maybe some of y'all eat this mucus because somebody started a rumor as a prank that they were an aphrodisiac.
  11. Biden just said something like "My dad used to have an expression. It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get back up." Which was almost exactly what Matt Damon's Congressman character said in The Adjustment Bureau. And he admitted that the quote was BS, he only said it because it testes well with the focus groups. Can't find the clip.
  12. I'm watching the NFL game with the sound from the debate. EDIT: I wouldn't recommend it.
  13. My first lock of the year was on Bet Online today. "Will "Trump" be mentioned in a closing statement? YES -200.
  14. I was decent in high school (averaged a 39 my senior year for 9 holes) then didn't play much for over a decade. Finally getting back into it a bit. Shot 96 a few days ago. Got a lot of work to do. My driver is erratic but I can still get it out there 270 when i hit it good. My irons were disastrous, need to go to range to work on that. Dunno how it's possible to hit a pull-hook 9 iron 40 yards off target, but I've managed to do it a few times. Once I straighten those out I should be below 90 pretty quickly, then gotta work on the short game quite a bit to approach a single digit handicap again. I just bought this, I love it.
  15. Totally agree that OP runs the best fantasy leagues. I wish I could do it.
  16. I don't recall the payment situation last year. I didn't receive any PMs or emails about it (that I can find). That being said, if I owe, I'll pay. Tell me who to send to. I don't think I'll be able to do it this year. As exciting as the draft is, it's a burden to set the roster every day, and I'll be doing some traveling this summer.
  17. People only like criticizing coaches after losses. I've always believed that process is more important than results. I hate Tomlin's decision to throw it deep on 3rd and 6, then kick a 48 yard FG with a kicker who has been a disaster. I think the odds of converting that 4th down are only slightly lower than the odds of Boswell making that FG. Even if you make the FG, you give Brady the ball with around 2:30 left to tie the game. If you miss it, you give him better field position to win the game. If you go for it and get a first down, the game is over. Obviously having that intention would have changed the play call on third down. I would have liked to see them go for the win right there, then cut Boswell. But I'm glad it worked out.
  18. Sup? Looking for SMU +24 up to $500. QTB if we've bet before.
  19. Steve Pearce would be in the Hall of Fame if all pitchers were lefties.
  20. Getting Chris Archer was definitely a moment I'll remember. I don't know if he will pan out, or if Austin Meadows will become a star (or one of the other guys). But just the fact that we got the biggest SP name at the trade deadline is surreal. We aren't used to getting nice things. I'm optimistic Archer has upside remaining. Hopefully we can get the most out of him, unlike Gerrit Cole.
  21. The old expression is that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". But I don't recall who is my bigger enemy, AMartin or Trues, so I haven't figured out which one is my friend yet. Can you two please post an offensive rant against me? Whichever one contains more hate will be declared my true enemy, and I will become friends with the other person by default.
  22. Before the game I saw odds for James to win MVP and Warriors lose at +2200. It hasn't happened since Jerry West did it in the 60s when the Lakers lost to the Celtics in 7 games.

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