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  1. I'm in for $10 ... Cheryl7760 ... shipping to Yanni now.
  2. Mine was the $5 ... I believe there was a higher stake one as well.
  3. Looking forward to joining a Last Longer for this. I took it down last year. :-)
  4. Kudos to UB/AP for trying to keep those scumbags who have ALREADY been banned for multi accounting, collusion, etc. from jumping back in the game! And yes, those that collude would much rather continue playing their because of the field sizes. OP, I know it's frustrating, but it really is for the integrity of the game.
  5. Several transfers in this thread. I have up to $1k on UB/AP cheryl7760 Want up to $1k on Stars or FTP cheryl7760 Willing to trade smaller amounts and happy to ship first to a regular. Thanks for any help! PM me if interested
  6. I think this explains why he keeps "borrowing" instead of trading in the trade threads... (nice word for scamming) Obviously one desperate dude.
  7. Wish you had pm'd me champizzle and I would have gotten this on my blackberry. I think he needs to be banned as far as trading goes. Definitely shady. *** meant to say I wish you had pm'd asking about him. This guy took over 6 hours the first time and several hours yesterday. He didn't transfer right away to Clemsonrich either. He's definitely "borrowing" the money. Then he told me he'd ship me an extra $25 for my trouble (aka to keep me quiet). After he didn't send that I told him he had traded the last time with me. LOSER!
  8. 30 minutes?????? Think again. Several hours both times. I will not trade with again in the future.
  9. If you want tilt and will ship stars I can do this for $100. Sending pm now. Cheryl7760 all sites. Several trades in this thread.
  10. very smooth and fast $200 trade with subpar67. A++ Thanks!!!
  11. I can do up to $400 for you. Cheryl7760 on all sites. Have multiple trades in this thread. Will pm now.
  12. Don't worry about shipping the extra $25 that you said you were shipping 4 hours ago. The first time I gave you the benefit of the doubt when you took several hours to ship - but after it took several hours again today and your lack of follow through tonight, you will need to find someone else to help you out in the future.
  13. Definitely not a hater - just think you will need to start doing what you say you will do when you say you will do it if you're want players to trust you.
  14. Update: He shipped the $100 back to me on UB a couple of minutes ago - he says he is over his transfer limit on stars so can't send there as originally agreed. He says he is sending an additional $25 for my trouble.
  15. Traded with him before and after I shipped it took quite some time for him to ship (+6 hrs.) due to something unexpected coming up on his end. I gave him the benefit of the doubt regarding this first incident. This time he pm'd me asking me to help with this to which I agreed to do in $100 increments. My UB/AP transfer went through an hour and a half ago and I've yet to recieve his. I've sent a couple of PM's but have yet to hear back from him. Apparently Clemsonrich had a similar situation (in this thread a few days ago). Just be forewarned that if you agree to trade with him you will most likely experience a delay. Hopefully he will end up shipping to me but thought I'd post in case he's pm'ing others for a trade. Well over two hours now.... got a feeling this may not end well.
  16. Booooooooooooooo! Guess I spoke too soon. I've been waiting for a transfer I'm sending right now to go through and it's still pending after 30 minutes. Soooooooooooooooo aggravating. This is one of those things that makes me just not want to bother with this site .... And it's only for $100 and to a regular. Sigh.
  17. Congrats to you and good luck at the tables! I LOL'd
  18. Regarding speed of transfers... had one go through this weekend very quickly! Thanks for this much needed improvement!!!!
  19. I can help if you still need this.. I'll pm now Cheryl7760 all sites I can help if you still need.. will pm now. Cheryl7760 all sites
  20. Agreed - I've done several transfers lately and none of them have gone through quickly.
  21. PXF is awesome - I have definitely gotten my money's worth. Having said that, unless you can easily replace part of your bankroll if needed, I'd probably hold off for the time being.

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