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  1. Thanks. I feel like it's important to get it out there considering I'm sure this could happen somewhere else too. Yes bruv, it really happened to me.
  2. Hey guys, I should have posted this here and on 2+2 a long time ago, but better late then never. http://calvinayre.com/2013/11/22/poker/anton-wigg-swedish-collection-agency-ld-audio-interview/
  3. SHip ittttt! Soo happy for you bro, well done! So glad one of the persons I think deserve it most ships it! GZZZZ :)
  4. Wohooo he's RANKED!
  5. wtg on the 3ple crown. And wp at cacke. (even though u got lucky HU;) ) Peace
  6. Wp, just open ut ur game a bit more when 3handed imo=)
  7. Why is no1 thinking about my range?? Its not very wide in this spot cuz im comittd when i do it. How does 99 play against TT+AJs+? very wuestionable 5bet imo. Wait 4 a better spot.
  8. If u play the hand u push no doubt. But i think its ok to fold 99 when i 4bet u. Cuz 99 doesnt play very well against my 4bet range even though ive been very agressive (which is a good thing) and no way im folding AK after 4betting, getting proper odds against any hand but AA i think. And i have u coverd. Also im Swedish, we dont know how to fold right?;)

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