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  1. In response to Carmellor . Im not sure why we would put a fish tag on someone just calling the flop. Im more than happy to have someone bet for me as well when they overplay a hand. The villain is stacked , sure he can blast off on him . How often has the villain been 3bet by the hero ? Who knows the dynamics leading up to this. however it seems obv the villain must be nitty to not jam the turn and get it all in . Also , flopdeck IDK who was who when u mentioned CO and SB BB . Need thos posted otherwise its just mess to decipher glgl
  2. I dont have a prob with aggro play on this , if it hits you're stacked hard. I also don't mind checking back that free flop and keeping the pot under control as well. IMO it is what it is, he two paired the turn and u hit a massive draw board with one card to go. I don't think we can hang our heads here. I see two approaches , one is conservative and the other has massive upside/downside. Pick your poison and glgl. surprised he didnt jam the turn
  3. no clue, but floating turns are sweet skills that can make ya look like a savage genius
  4. Turn error

    IDK I'm thinking villain is used to u trying to battle him maybe he has a read on YOU? and had u on just a raise! or he was determined to see AQ to the end no matter what. As played i think we can sell our story more if we bet flop, and I prefer jus calling this turn and keep things under control.While u were right and u had 15 outs its still gross . So, either he pegged your hand as well or he's just a station . Overall I hate spewing off this whole thing with j3. When it boils down to it he had AQo and he scooped the pot vs. J3s
  5. open a coinbase account get your bank linked up with it. I did a crypto and it came in 48 hours. sent to my bank no probs.
  6. HJ raising is getting a nice 3b here IDC if he's tighter then the GF of your dreams. Players that are super tight are great to play against anyhow. Easy to peel board play from and easy to lay and white flag ur ass off going forward to the next hand.So his PFR is 3k , I'm looking at 8k all day for him to pay and play and if he shoves Im never folding.
  7. I like them for certain boards. Checking is free so if we try to check raise and they check it back lol we missed , lil 1/4 bet can open up some strategy ideas though. I dont do it all the time . Some MTT I flow with it just like a min raise consistently. It can be a great bait bet . Just the other day I raised PFR and I flopped quads so I min led the flop and I got a bite. Turn hits and I clock about half clock and check. He fires a shot at me with a bet and the board is flush drawn so he might be aiming to hit that river for a 4 flush (or has a flush) so I raise it like 2.5x he calls . No spade hit the river so I checked it and dude sends me the open treasure chest and I just scooped his ego right off the table. Also I might add that peeling pots and getting them to fold on cheap 1/4 bets are great as well
  8. well since he is so tight give him a min 3 bet clear out the peeps behind us and put us in position and see what his course of action is. Personally I'm willing to call off his 4b jam and race it for a stack. I'm always about getting that stack.
  9. ITs not about running good because this has the talk of luck aspect IMO. Running good (luck part)in poker is great . The biq question is hmmm OK I'm better than these guys this table is soft I have been here an hour and Im crushing their souls. Oh wait I have my $100 max and I have to follow my rules and go....... Dude don't leave a soft table as u get better in poker. At soft tables we can read players weakness and exploit it for profits to sustain for those tougher tables that we end up playing at.When you get there if you know players and tendencies try to sit on their left if you have that option.
  10. its probably table dynamics for me and my reality is , I dont enter MTT's no more this early. I HATE IT.... SNG is the only time I have this blind. ONCE IN A BLUE MOON will I enter that early. So thats why I felt an argument can be made. I prefer someone being pretty skilled at board play, not just ABC OOP UTG PFR KJs . Good way to start a spew off our whip cream on our stack if we are'nt careful \
  11. just want to make it clear that ITM has nothing to do with my decision. This is about not exposing myself to a full table where I'm basically raising 6x and facing a very high possibility of getting jammed on by someone behind me .
  12. um no his shove is stupid, but he's stupid so what can u expect/ guess he thinks you're going to fold.
  13. Sorry it was def a cliff note description ,but I think we need the knowledge of full ring (8max) more then anything here since It wasnt like i had 150k to his 12k and then maybe we can ask what were stacks behind us. Basically we were roughly 14 from ITM. About 59 peeps left my stack was about a top 3ish for the table but utg was our SS. This is a clear muck for me. I don't want to open up myself to what I call Stack Disaster. Calling here is no different than 6x raising and exposing me and my stack to some serious problems. I did get to see his hand and he shoved A8s behind me shoved with 99 . A8s won with flush , however what results came from UTG are irrelevant IMO. We wouldve been exposed here to make a decision though and sure this wont happen everytime. i just found this hand as something to post I think if I posted this hand 8 years ago. i would get flooded with a wide mix of opinions . My responsee are just my opinions GLGL
  14. ok so have you been also paying attention to his bet sizing on these UTG raises and have you seen any of these hands. If he is raising UTG like all the time with the same sizing and you feel like its time to 3bet from a read than I'm mashing it. If you want to look tricky and powerful than go to 150k , no matter what if he has a dancing hand its going to come . Just know that if you 3bet with a raise , plan on being committed for the rest.
  15. You really shouldnt be entering this hand from utg 1. Blinds are very small so an argument can be made to mingle in some pots for cheap to try and establish things I guess. I think its a pf muck overall though. As played ,Once I get 3 bet and its so early , just throw the hand away PF IMO . Simply move on, here take my 100 and lets see how often this stuff happens in future action.
  16. absolutely Kanabai smaller flop bets are my thang. I really love micro bets even more then check backs sometimes. Just because it opens up many doors and we still get money in the pot. Im constantly trying to be different then the latest trends out there. Edges are constantly changing. So , being predictable is something I try to avoid non stop.
  17. the reason why we rip is because we dont have any chips to get cute with or extract other then jamming. Its the best spot to get paid whether he folds or calls. We can easily get cute with some small bet and get nothing on the river. Our hand range opens up a lot here in the eyes of the villain and with a potential 4 flush out there. We need to ship this 100% because if they have a heart many are calling. Plus if i remember correctly he bet or called the flop, so he had an interest in this. Lots of money is made on the turn and lots of money is lost on the turn by many. This is where we ship our little stack trying to ladder up and keep climbing. Of course IMO
  18. 20k $88 mtt blinds are 1000-2000 BB / 200 ante, 8 players full ring I’m UTG +1 holding AJ off with a stack of 48k UTG has 12k and jams AIPF. I know I’m ahead ahead of his range and MUCK. Thoughts ?
  19. who knows tbh , I know nothing of the player. Other then he limped bvb I'm confident enough he didnt limp AA and just check call here. Was this guy limping much or was this just a bvb. Once Im down to a stack like yours , I see tunnel vision with two pair and I have no thoughts about what he has because I just dont care and I need chips. If its a never fold and 100% jam moment I just wait for results and hopefully , it's a fist pump.
  20. Actually as played I think your play is ok and mixed with being very fortunate at the same time that he is a pure fish and I'm folding all day here. Villain tipped his hand with this panic shove and its on to the next hand. Realistically you're clearly saving chips . Imagine if you called this spot , are we now folding the turn bet? No, I doubt that . I'm sure his turn bet wold cost more then your raise. Be prepared to peel this fish in future play, you still have plenty of BB in this MTT. He scares you away because he doesnt understand how to peel opponents stacks. Then he wants to show u the set ??? Why (but thanx sir)? Im happy AF he shows this and we can use this knowledge to our advantage big time. IMO Im not huge on no player knowledge and he comes in UTG raising. There are different ways to view this . One way is well he shouldve never opened with 66 utg, also todays game has a lot of players raising lite from UTG, so we're 7 handed here and I actually prefer calling this on a 3 way over a 2 way. I always feel like a 3rd player helps us define how much a player likes his hand since he now contends with 2 people vs. 1 and I think OOP board play with an added player is easier then just going HU. So if I was going to play this hand and I'm in your spot I actually prefer to donk lead half pot here. One thing is an ace hit the flop, the other thing is he is in the middle and he has to decide if he wants to raise, call only or muck. So, lucky in your case he chose to blast off, more skilled players are going to not do this . Lets make the villain call and button folds. Im not going to predict some random card because it helps a lot when posting HH that you tell us if the board is flushed or we have flush outs etc. All I'm going to say is Im pot controlling and checking the turn on the assumption a better player might just flat our lead bet or raise us not sure if the flop is rainbowed which makes talking about this hand a lil tougher but pretty much this is how I'm playing this particular 3 way more then not because I think we can gather pretty close to the same info from him (especially this guy) with a half pot lead or less , IDK 3115 sounds good to me, what he does here with a player behind to act can help us a lot and even more so with bad players.
  21. @ blueleaf why would someone not want to play 66 here? Are we waiting for Greenland to melt and become green? I'm just really wanting a reason of thought , other then NOt play 66 at all. Especially with odds and from the button.
  22. @sir you know how many times though I have not 3 bet we get to the flop and turn and i get paid about the same as I wouldve if they call my 3b on pf and they fold the flop. In other words I'm thinking well sh1t I just gave them another street for the same damn price.
  23. So with this pot builder action pot this basically makes or breaks my tourney. We are out of pot control zone. We have now lost our (what I call ) hand authority and we said check on the turn and gave him the baton when we just called, making him the new dictating sheriff in town .The turn is where I put it all on the line here. Im basically open jamming here or Im check jamming the turn . This is the big pot. As played I call this river especially with that river card. It now becomes,"ok bud show me "AJ/KJ ducks or treys or rivered tens. I eliminate TT from this because I think its highly possible those get checked back, DUcks or treys ? meh really ok well FML I guess. I think JJ/ QQ/KK /AA 4 bet us way more than not on pf. As played I have to call the river since I think he whiffs plenty of hands here. Sure he can have it but I shouldve been committed on the turn and its possible I gave him board baton and he snatched it and is trying to run to the finish line with AQ ,KQ.....No matter what Im putting my MTT on the line here. missed KQhh please...
  24. Really learning to put yourself in your opponents shoes and what they might be holding in their hand. People need to know that even online poker u can get reads. Bet sizing , timing tells . The game is tougher in those areas then before . However , todays game has a very light call off range these days and disguising hand strength from LP is yummy to me. Oh for example yesterday me jamming 25 bb from sb to bb and he snaps with A5o this is yummy :) . Learning how to play boards, how to enter a hand and when not to enter at what part of the table and knowing stacks and knowing opponents and and and lol its a complex game, recognizing someone is raising a lot from LP and what we can do to slow that down, how to pot control while inducing worst to pay us, i like to go over hands in my mind that i felt I couldve done different especially if Im mucking the next hand. Bet sizing is huge and understanding why we're doing this amount and what is on our our opponents mind. Fish are the worst at this and are very easy to exploit . Anyhow its a bit of a rambled response that I started a couple hurs ago and I just noticed it here on my desktop and these are some some of the things of many to work on. Just know that when you're at a table you have to be able to develop a natural chain of events mentally each and every hand and its only going to happen from massive hand experience. Coaching and learning are ways to increase the learning a faster pace I'm sure. Hand experience is the only way to become natural and of course its all IMO. GLGL
  25. Have to admit i dont know calculated correct math for this but lets get into the situation. We have 22 bb with 10-7 OOP. We're getting basically 5-1 to call. One thing we need is superior board skills period. I would at least want this to be suited and I would prefer to have a larger stack. Ignore the bounty involvement as well, people get all caught up on bounties. They will come , I remember shipping a bounty mtt one time and i didnt get bounties until the FT its just the way it went. Back to the hand itself Im folding PF here . It gives me another orbit above 20 bigs and I just dont want to call a 3 card gapped unsuited connector and I want to find a better window of opportunity. When i say calculated correct math I'm talking about odds to enter with. If I was stacked and this was suited plus my ability to play boards , I like that way much better then hovering over 20 bb unsuited gap cards OOP

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