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  1. Shipped 50 on Stars from $teveyMoney and PM'd team to FWK ,, i too had an epiphany and wanted a 2nd team : )
  2. Shipped 50 on FTP from SteveyMoney, PMd team to OP
  3. Shipped 100 on FTP from SteveyMoney
  4. Shipped 100 on FTP from SteveyMoney
  5. I shipped $30 on FTP for 3 entries from SteveyMoney . I dont feel like MA'ing Yahoo (only want 1 entry now) so please send my $ 20 back to SteveyMoney on FTP. My entry name is SteveyBallGame (SteveyMoney). Gl everyone,, man i love march madness
  6. Sent $30 to on FullTilt for 3 entries from SteveyMoney
  7. FTP took a real friendly tone in their most recent email to me: Hello Steven, We were still finalizing the final details of the event. As stated 10 days is enough time to make travel arrangements and we are running 2 more qualifiers tomorrow. Playing in the fall is not an option. If you cannot attend the package will go to the next place finisher. It was clearly stated in the lobby that this is a must play event. - Hide quoted text - Regards, Steve Full Tilt Poker Guess I will be on the road again this weekend. Thanks for all the well wishes. I will give updates if anything changes
  8. Bonflizubi and villagegrinder pretty much hit the nail on the head with my feelings towards FTP. Also, the absence of a posted date in the tourney lobby or FTP website is a huge beef. I have been in Vegas for 2 months (flying home tomorrow), and would have never played the qualifier if I knew it was at the end of July. I will obviously NOT eat the 30k buyin , and will play the tourney if that is the only option. Given the circumstances, I cant imagine that being the only option though. Are there any FTP affiliates that frequent p5s that could help me?
  9. There were no dates given in the lobby or on any of Fulltilt's website for more info on the Poker Million. I had assumed that it would be taking place at least a few months in the future if no dates were given. After 3 emails with FTP, it doesn't look like they are going to be very accommodating. Here is their latest reply to me: "Hello, Unfortunately, you have to play in the July heat, these qualifiers were satellites for the July heats and were advertised that way on the website. Legally we have to have you play in the July heat, if we were to allow you to play in October, this would mean we have to cancel one of the October qualifiers that is already advertised on the website and we cannot do that since we already have them advertised. If you cannot play in the event, the package will go to the second place finisher. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Regards, Steve Full Tilt Poker" I have since double and triple checked the tourney lobby and all of FTP's Poker Million websites, and there is no info on dates anywhere. Also, with the urgency of the upcoming event, why did they wait a full 6 days to email me details after winning the package? Is FTP handling of this really as bush league as it feels to me? Or am i just being a big f'n cry baby?
  10. Last Sunday 7/11, I saw a $600 Poker Million qualifier on FTP registering. I didn't know much about the Poker Million, so I looked on FT's site for more info. All I could find out is that it was a 30k package and would be televised in the UK-- no dates were given. I decided to play the event, and won. I was pretty pumped that i won a 30k buyin and all kinds of European chicks would see this mug on tv. Flash forward to today and the email i receive. "Congratulations on winning a $32,000 Poker Lounge prize package. Your prize includes a $30,000 Poker Million buy-in from July 26th – 28th, along with $2,000 in travel expenses/spending cash. We have deposited the travel expenses/spending cash into your Full Tilt Poker account and the funds are available at this time. Please note that Full Tilt Poker is not responsible for making any travel or hotel arrangements. You are responsible for getting yourself to and from the event any excess cash is yours to keep. You will play in the first heat on Monday, July 26th at 10:30AM and will need to arrive at the Studio no later than 9:00AM." Needless to say , my excitement has been replaced with anxiety. How does FTP expect me to play this event with less than 10 days notice? Can a FullTilt affiliate please help me be moved to a later heat? Expecting someone to either play the 30k event and jump thru hoops to make travel arragements, or eat 30k in equity is a complete disservice to players. Thanks in advance for anything that can be done.
  11. Shipped 200 a few days ago from SteveyMoney on tilt for 2 entries, still no email. PMing u again
  12. Found a sikk rental in Malibu. How would the drive from there to Commerce be? Malibu a cool scene or too rich/ old ?
  13. Planning on staying in LA for entire month of Feb. for LAPC, and would really like to do a vacation home rental in LA with about 4 other poker players. (Much like alot of us do in Vegas for WSOP). What are the coolest LA beaches ? Looking for younger crowd and nightlife scene. Proximity to Commerce is also a concern , but more worried about college aged party scene. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  14. What methods are people using to get cash at the Rio ? I just made a few phone calls to get wiring info but the Rio employees couldnt help me, and just kept connecting me to a WSOP hotline (which was nothing but a prerecorded message). You would think a casino would be more accomadating if you are trying to keep 100k at their establishment. I obv dont want to travel with a ton of cash , and wiring seems to be a pain in the ass. Any suggestions? Thanks
  15. Thanks for the nice things said Mikey Mac. Wish i coulda taken it down today. WV poker needs to get some recognition : Jakoon, Hixx, ShipIt (Pot Odds 3), HerdGolf, and myself. 5 studs right there; gona be big for years to come
  16. Is this a full time thing or just on Monday nights... or just something they put on sporadically??

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