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  1. This seems like a ridiculous amount of additional work for you and will have extremely minimal, if any, effect on the outcome of the contest. I doubt people would care if you just restricted the last week to this week's games.
  2. Yea 10 or 15 would be fine I think. Do you know if the covers lines locked as soon as they are posted or do they change leading up to the game?
  3. Is there a minimum number of games you have to pick? Seems like there should be if there isn't
  4. Guess I will have to settle for second, congrats Joehead, and thanks for all the work you put in to run this Tread.
  5. Here are mine: Bengals -5.5 Lions +3 Cardinals +1.5 Bills +9 Steelers -7 Cardinals/49ers U43
  6. gray31 Browns/Bears U45.5 Redskins/Falcons U51 Texans +6 Dolphins +2.5 Steelers +3 Army/Navy U54.5
  7. gray31 (revised) Jets -1.5 Steelers -3 Cincinnati +3.5 Louisville/Cincinnati U51 South Florida +5.5 Marshall -4.5
  8. gray31 Texans -3 Texans/Jaguars U43.5 Jets -1.5 Steelers -3 Bowling Green/No Illinois O57.5 Utah State/Fresno State O59.5 May change tomorrow
  9. gray31 Packers/Lions U50 Raiders/Cowboys O46.5 Miss -3 Marshall -2.5 SMU/Houston O61 Utah State -20.5
  10. gray31 Falcons +9 Rutgers/UCF O57.5 UNLV/Air Force U61 Navy/San Jose St O57 Central Michigan -9.5 Michigan/Iowa U47.5
  11. gray31 Ravens/Bears U46.5 Packers +6 Georgia Tech/Clemson O59 Marshall/Tulsa O61 Wisconsin -21.5 Miss. St. +25.5
  12. gray 31 Redskins/Vikings U50 Bills +3.5 SMU/Cinci O63.5 West Virginia +7 Southern Miss/LA Tech O51 Auburn -7 may change later
  13. gray31 (29-23-2) Rice +4.5 UL Monroe/Troy O58.5 Southern Miss/Marshall U59 East Carolina -22.5 East Carolina/Florida Intl U52.5 New Mexico/San Diego St O53.5
  14. gray31 (25-21-2) Giants/Eagles U53 Raiders +3 Vikings +10 Kentucky/Miss St U56.5 Tulane +3.5 Washington -24.5
  15. gray31 (22-18-2) Cardinals +6.5 Jets +4 Bills +9 Cowboys/Eagles U56.5 Toledo -7.5 Louisiana Tech +6.5
  16. gray31 (20-14-2) Steelers +3 Steelers/Jets O40 Bills +7.5 Louisville -18 Rutgers/Louisville O54 Ball State -13.5
  17. gray31 (15-13-2) Cowboys +8.5 Iowa St +8 UCLA/Utah O60.5 Kansas St/OK St O57.5 Texas Tech/Kansas O53.5 East Carolina/Mid Tenn St O61
  18. new picks: Texans +3 Redskins/Raiders U47 Virginia/Pitt U52 Kent St/Western Michigan U52 Army/Louisiana Tech U56 Air Force/Nevada U61
  19. gray31 (11-12-1) Jaguars +8.5 Texans +3 Lions -2.5 Redskins/Raiders U47 UTEP/Colorado St O51.5 Washington -9
  20. gray31 (10-7-1) Western Michigan/Iowa U50 Hawaii +12.5 Arizona St/Stanford O48.5 Oregon St/San Diego St U55 Tex San Antonio/UTEP O58.5 Indiana +3
  21. gray31 (6-6) Bills +3 Bowling Green +3 Florida State -32 Ball State/North Texas O61 Tulsa/Oklahoma O49 Mississippi/Texas O62.5
  22. gray31 (3-3) Miami(OH)/Kentucky U56.5 Duke/Memphis O49.5 Northwestern -12 Syracuse/Northwestern U57 Hawaii/Oregon St O53 New Mexico/UTEP O48
  23. gray31 Eagles -3 Falcons +3 Chiefs -3 Texans -2.5 Wash St/Auburn O59 Northwestern/Cal O58

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