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  1. Team Costa Rica is in... me, Big Huni, and illini hussss
  2. ship the first prize to blade
  3. at least 7 haha i was 7/7 it was sick cuz buncha guys were watching in the other room like at least 1000 ft away and every now n again id hear like a huge roar from the room where they were watching me n im like oh shit i showed kitchens an hour ago there loving it, i was like timing when i was gonna hear another roar ....my boy lemke on the rail was like wow kitchens again must be nice haha
  4. b4 it went to espn2 i actually played super tight...it went to a dinner break i had like 5 or 6 beers n just came out going nuts for the TV thats why everyone was giving more credit than they should have...i played supertight for the 1st 3 or 4 hours, then just came out kinda drunk and making some moves and there was some short stacks n stuff so i was trying to apply some pressure, and yea i was super surprised sowers didnt shove or fold pre never expected him to flat....and the 23o hand checked thru the turn.
  5. lol yea ur dad was mad cool haha, thanks appreciate it
  6. yea his fold of the 4 was dirty, congrats again galen well deserved, doubt i dont die of alcohol poisioning 2day weeeee
  7. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee we took 300 off when iwas 2 to 1 so i got 2mill he got 2.1 congrats galen u played sick
  8. thanks whitechoclate its all good bro, i didnt play on both accts i turned 18 made my own account and had a friend that i staked that was under 17 that i staked on thenut21 cuz we cashed out money b4 and knew it wouldnt be a problem. i mean i played on both but not at the same time
  9. lol thanks everyone, unreal day today running sick as fuck wweeeeeee. The whole rail thing is soooooooooo withered tho i was hoping to have the sickest 200 person drunk rail ever, cant fuckin breathe, the rules is u can only bring 5 people to rail and everyone has to stay like hidden till the tourney is over because of the hour delay on espn, even after u lose u have to sit in the back for an hour b4 u leave so it doesnt ruin the tv broadcast, seems like a fuckin travesty tho for TV to def would be better TV with 200 people going crazy rather then 5 people golf clapping, whatever tho. Thanks a
  10. my post arent really defensive i said 5? times that i could easily be wrong, and i knew exactly how to react to his 3bet it was either to flat or 4bet to set up the shove i chose the latter like i said, i knew b4 i 4bet that i wasnt gonna fold maybe if i had K4o or something that played awful but just no way im folding once i chose to 4bet to that size instead of flat. Im goin to go get ready to play, thanks for support everyone and lol @ creating forum buzz, i guess i did tho heh?
  11. lol im obv not gonna 4b fold unless he shoves when i 4bet i expected him to 5b a high % of the time 6betting was my plan when i 4bet why the fuck would i want 4bet fold when i can just flat the 3bet that deep???? doesnt make ne sense ever i just thought his 5b frequency would be enough to do it.....not that it matters but if i flatted the 3bet we probably still get the money in somehow on that flop or by the river or w/e folding wasnt ever an option to me. flatting the 3b is much better than jsut folding and in my opinion what i did was gonna be better than flatting cuz i thought his freque
  12. moneymaker like semi crushed my life today he was talking to me b4 we started playing hes like plz dont embarrass me on tv n all that there was 3 hands i played vs him where he beat me he def got the best of me today granted i was on like 2 hours sleep and playing terrible but whatever 1st one he opens i 3b red ako in position he calls comes 89Tcc goes ch/ch turn Tc he bets i call river Jc he chekcs i bet 200k i dont remmeber what pot was whatever it was like 2/5 pot bet tho hes like tanking like i fold u show im just like yea ur chrismoneymaker ill show u whatever lol then he makes it 450k i
  13. lol watta sweetheart, thx jake appreciate that...as far as the stuff on here im usually just having fun doubt ne1 should ever take me seriously.
  14. i never said it wasnt bad i just happened to like it more than folding and flatting whatever, sorry im not as good as u guys want me to be lol. I just had it in my head i liked 4/6ing him more than flatting cuz it jus gave me a better chance to win the pot, whatever tho he got what he wanted obviously. wasnt the 1st time i spewed off a huge stack wont be the last, whatever. thanks ajk n everyone else wishing me luck
  15. as for the hand i didnt know who harry was whn he sat down, i could just tell he was really good right away tho and the 1st time he opened i 3b q2o on button like 100 deep i think, he flats comes T8x 2 spades he leads n i minraise and show then this hand was 2 hands later n just thought he was gonna be tryin to get at me and just was trying to own him
  16. lol chill i just came in from drinking like 7 hours str8 when i posted, im far from rich matter of fact im broker than ive been in like 3 years maybe cuz i cant fold 7 high who knows lol and lol kingme yea i know whatever haha
  17. yea i suck doubt i care if i bust im in the bahamas weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee beak away! semell like bitchjes and im rich n drunk u guys all enjoy love everyone
  18. i dont think i like buyin 4 times from the start then i like the idea for having 2nd or 3rd or 4th chance tho
  19. yea wondering same thing seems like that could b a problem lol seems dumb to enter the tourney 4 times when the best u could do on 3 entries is get 10th
  20. hmm so say im 1st and 2nd ina tourney with 10 left it goes to ft that means i get 10th place money for one of the entries?

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