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  1. Recently had a concert here in LA. I think they were included in the 2014 Warped Tour
  2. http://viooz.co/movies/4409-the-intouchables-2011.html
  3. I don't know. I watched it off a friends netflix with english subs
  4. I think I teared up from laughter rather than sadness. I highly recommend watching it. I can't tell you how many times it seemed like I was watching some basketball commercial while watching
  5. Man from Nowhere (Korean Movie) - Asian version of Man on Fire The Intouchables (French Movie) - Just outright hilarious
  6. Pretty sure they said that balances were zero'd out when the deal went through
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUPZm2QtGQw&t=16s [video=youtube;SN_3pylR-Jo]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SN_3pylR-Jo Korean Variety program sorta similar to American Idol except the judges are much harsher/technical with their critiques.
  8. I think Hawaiin Gardens runs a pot limit omaha or no limit omaha cash game..I'm not really sure if they do anymore since I haven't been there in a while
  9. The last time I cashed out on Cake, it took over 3 weeks just to process the check. Once that is done, it normally takes a couple of days. Just be patient if you are waiting for them to process your cash out. I'm not sure if they are honoring checks after black Friday but I would assume so since they haven't locked US players out.
  10. wait for games like Dragons Nest and Firefall...they'll be worth it once they release
  11. Yes. I've cashed out a Cake check along with a Pokerstars check recently
  12. Have 1k-6k on tilt (dullshot) Need 1k-6k on stars (dullshot) Have had several successful trades itt. Will only send first to reputable members. Pm me.
  13. I run Avira Antivir and when I ran its latest update, it detected UB as malware/virus. Anyone else having this problem with Avira?
  14. http://content.usatoday.com/communities/entertainment/post/2011/02/lara-logan-expected-to-leave-hospital-today--/1?csp=hf Looks as tho it was not rape
  15. r/f this stack seems pretty awful. The only two options I considered were push or fold.
  16. Any other opinions? I talked this over with another player and he said it wasn't much of a spot. He said K7s is a little light with this stack size. Although K7s is near the bottom of my shoving range, I still think its a shove.
  17. Swapped $1500 with RollinFish..nice and easy trade!
  18. I've been fairly aggressive against the two stacks to my left but nothing too drastic. What do you think is optimal in this spot? Full Tilt Poker Game #28154609619: $10,500 Guarantee (Rebuy) (218633082), Table 125 - 10000/20000 Ante 2500 - No Limit Hold'em - 23:51:19 PT - 2011/02/12 [02:51:19 ET - 2011/02/13] Seat 1: Pay4MyTuition (324,534) Seat 3: LetsFly2 (516,298) Seat 4: feebatron (1,415,719) Seat 6: Darkness405 (427,334) Seat 7: dullshot (363,763) Seat 8: mws4money (355,500) Pay4MyTuition antes 2,500 LetsFly2 antes 2,500 feebatron antes 2,500 Darkness405 antes 2,500 dullshot antes 2,500 mws4money antes 2,500 mws4money posts the small blind of 10,000 Pay4MyTuition posts the big blind of 20,000 The button is in seat #7 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to dullshot [Ks 7s] LetsFly2 folds feebatron folds Darkness405 folds dullshot
  19. Have 1k - 1.5k on tilt (dullshot) Need 1k - 1.5k on UB (dullshot) Have successful trades in this thread..will only send first to reputable members

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