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  1. Crap forgot about this. I'll ship tomorrow, when near a laptop.
  2. On a regular basis. My accountant handles it for me, so I don't need to think about it. I have full custody of the kids so that's all that really matters to me.
  3. I'll take Phil Collins (uscphildo) if more than one are playing.
  4. War Tinder up some fat slob, shouldn't be too hard.
  5. 18,800 a year in Calgary for 1st grade. We were paying like 15k in the states before moving here.
  6. Max Domi is legit......what a sick back hand, sick speed.....what team am I watching.
  7. betman would of changed the rules
  8. Like that did us any f'n good last year in the McDavid / Eichel sweep stakes. When we got the 3rd pick I lost my mind. Nothing good will ever happen for this franchise. We could of went winless this year and still would of got the 3rd.
  9. I moved to Calgary this year, and I have to agree with hostile about the McDavid hype...its friggin crazy! I'm loving that nhl center ice comes free with my Rogers plan. Oh and my Coyotes are 2-0...yea I know there's 80 games left. But we already have 7% of our total wins for last season after two games!
  10. so I just moved to Canada....can't get espn here and I havent found a good proxy service yet. Any streams?
  11. Gif of the ko in this article for those that didn't see the fight. http://espn.go.com/espn/story/_/id/13363785/ronda-rousey-kos-bethe-correia-34-seconds-ufc-190
  12. I've seen it both ways. So fing weird.
  13. Unser dying is the only death that bothered me. Alwayss liked that dude.
  14. So how big are your arms now?
  15. m0ss

    Homeland Season 4

    Why two week? No episode next Sunday?
  16. The guy I pay to pick up the dog shit hasn't come for two weeks and my backyard is full of shit.
  17. I haven't been following this thread at all. Any OT'ers make deep runs this year ot FT any events?
  18. m0ss

    Smackoff 2014

    Ever since he switched networks I can't even get him in Phoenix. Rome seems kinda irrelevant these days since leaving espn.
  19. Haven't they been trying to deport this guy since 86?
  20. Any thing a series is meh...should of bought the s7
  21. First car was 93 Chevy Cavalier. Current cars are an 2013 Audi s5 and a 2014 Infiniti QX 50
  22. I know for a fact it works if you do what I said.
  23. I work for godaddy. Just go in the email control center and mouse over the arrow to the right of each address. Select edit then save. This will cause the email address to reset and should function. Realistically I would look at either office 365 / google apps for your email.

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