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  1. Most holidays have lost their religious meaning a long time ago. (At least in Europe) You don't need to believe in anything to spend time with your family/friends. Religions are multi-billion businesses. People give money to religions cuz they are tricked/brainwashed/etc to believe in God. Sounds like a scam to me.
  2. The bolded part is pretty much what almost every religion is about. Before they realize they have to change to keep the money flow coming. (scam) And going to the individual level is stupid. Of course there are always exceptions. But in the grand scheme of things it's pretty clear that religions in general are slowing down the human race. Atheists do not blindly believe in anything. As we learn new things our view of the world changes. We base our view on current facts, religious people base it on old myths. [video=youtube;g-WaCBl_we4] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BCipg71LbI
  3. Science is not a belief. Science works whether you believe in it or not. Religion only "works" if you believe in it. And nobody is saying science knows everything. (unlike the all knowing God right?) Atheists do not believe God doesn't exist. They've just put together the information they know about the subject, studied it and have come to the conclusion that it's unlikely that God exists. The only reason atheists are trying to educate others is because religion is slowing down our progress as a human race. The faster people start to realize religion is a scam the faster we can start to learn even more about us and our universe since people are not arguing ridic stuff like playing with genes is playing God.
  4. So basically you're saying religion sucks and is a scam. Which is true. Religion is the reason we don't have hover boards. Bloody christian dark ages. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6p5jnqEyUs4
  5. Maybe they canceled it cuz let's face it it was pretty awful.
  6. People actually think RP has a chance? lol?
  7. pretty sure he is shuriken555 on stars and tilt (as in I have no idea but the 555 seems like an obvious clue) he rapes
  8. Someone who used to smoke a lot cannot tell the difference between there and their. Oh my, I rest my motherfucking case.
  9. wow wackyjaxon clearly smokes for the love of god that made no sense Basically just meant this.
  10. C-betting the flop is pretty horrible on that board that hits your opponents' ranges hard. Pretty easy check/fold on the flop.
  11. they had huge over lays, ipoker lost a lot of money, they call it quits
  12. wow someone should put Portland on suicide watch
  13. Being completely sober from all drugs is still better for your mind and focus long term (if you're healthy person) and anyone who argues with that is a tool.
  14. YES BRO HOW??????? Just imagine people what microgaming can pull on a Sunday if this is what they do on a Thursday. :O
  15. Why do people want to tip? It serves no purpose. Even if the dealers don't get tips and quit because they are unhappy with their salary there will always be new Mexicans to fill the hole. (In America).

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