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  1. Nice job Francis. Very happy for ya. So due for a score like this!
  2. Have- BCP up to 8k (Crazyh0rse76) Want-Cash/wire etc PM if interested Thanks, Bill
  3. It was just a joke man, take it easy:)
  4. Have- Lock (Crazyh0rse76) Thats a ZERO in the name BTW Want- Wire/Bank transfer Anywhere from $1500 to $3000 PM if interested Thanks, Bill
  5. Have: Cash/Wire etc Want: Lock $ (Powderfinger1976) Looking for 200-400 most likely. PM with offers, will check back this afternoon. Thanks, Bill
  6. Great moment. Everything you said QW. Seriously coulda been one of the greats if not all the arm issues. Kind of a nice ending with him making the last hitter he faced look as bad as he made the Astros look in 98. One of my all-time favorite Cubs. Also, it sounds like the organization promised him a position. He'd probably be a pretty good pitching coach. Few guys have been through more than he has physically and he's done it all all from starting to middle relief to set-up man to closer. Also kind of fitting the Cubs lose a close one today I guess.
  7. I was referring to the previous comment ITT where someone said "Who might that be?" Everytime a relative unknown goes off in these big events, the community screams MA'er. Thats all I'm saying. My guess is everything is on the up and up though. Is more clear?
  8. Stars will do some investigating I'd imagine. But he scored in a $700 for $25k before playing all the really big buyins. So, good chance it's legit IMO. Pretty GD amazing no matter what tho.
  9. Nice run sir. Glad u got at least 1 6B/F in there too.:) Congrats on the score.
  10. Requested check from Lock 4/25 Still "Processing"
  11. Still have 6-8K Lock to swap. (Powderfinger1976) Want bank wire. Would like to do 1 trade but will do smaller numbers if need be. PM me if interested. Thanks, Bill Also sending you a PM Wacky regarding a PM I got from a scammer.
  12. Have up to 8k Lock. (Powderfinger1976) Want bank wire. Lookin for 92-95% but depends on the amount. Would prefer 1 trade but will do smaller amounts if need be. PM me if interested. Thanks, Bill
  13. Times change etc but I actually liked the old system. I quit voting after BF tho cuz I wasnt as familiar with many of the ranked players as I felt I should be. Maybe it needs to be tweaked or something, but I do feel like the pro poll or some other sort of input from peers is a good idea.
  14. True legend of R&R. Guys been though a lot. RIP Anyone who hasn't seen The Last Waltz is missing something great.
  15. Team sent, and PM'ed Fenwayking to get payment info. GL all.
  16. Oh well, I'll have to find something else to waste $50 on.
  17. I'm in also. Netfan, I think it's been $50 in the past. I'd assume the same this year.
  18. I used to dislike the Rounder63 cuz hed ALWAYS get it in bad against me and get there! But I think he got a ton better and after I chatted quite a bit with him, my dislike for him slowly faded.:) GL down there sir, pretty awesome start.
  19. Thanks. Looks like the order would be the Rams, Vikes, Colts then if they were to all lose out.
  20. sorry if this has been covered but what is the draft order if the Vikes, Rams, and Colts all finish 2-14? Kinda interesting since I think all 3 teams would give strong consideration to trading out of the 1 spot.
  21. Gluck, but all 4 are road favs? Who knows but I'd say there's about a 90% chance at least 1 of those dogs win outright.

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