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  1. I barely posted this year and I get mentioned...not sure how to feel.
  2. I laughed. Consistency obviously is the name of the game for NFL betting.
  3. Thanks for the semi-encouragement? It's tough being a below average Asian male. You don't let down yourself, you let down the entire family. I have no idea how the Dolphins can lose that game. They basically had the 6 seed clinched playing against LOL buffalo and the Ravens playing against NE.
  4. Hey guys, I'm uninsured, what should I do? I live in California and the cheapest option I have for insurance is like 160 bucks a month.
  5. Until this past Sunday, I never approached a random girl in person and asked her for her number. Sick brag Paki btw
  6. Angels signed Ibanez. Adventure with the glove, solid with the bat, hopefully he stays healthy and not turn into Steve Finley.
  7. Surprised at the general lack of A-Rod answers, dude is a cheater who has no common sense and decency.
  8. That's for sure. Koreans hate everyone except white people. LOL Kpop and soap operas, worldwide sensations.
  9. Why do Japanese people hate Koreans so much?
  10. He's sleeping most likely 2:40 am over there.
  11. Trumbo's power will certainly be missed, but his OBP is just way too low for today's game. I read somewhere that the strongest correlation with runs being scored is OBP and not SLG. Skaggs got torn up but he's still super young and hopefully he turns it around. Santiago scares me with his high walk rate, but if he's like CJ Wilson - lite for minimum salary, Angels will be very happy. Any pitcher the Angels get will be great, to prevent Joe Blandton from pitching as a starter. Hated that Blandton deal from day 1.
  12. This won't work with the larger items right?
  13. ESPN says it's 5/85 that can go up to 6/100 for McCann. Thought the Yankees wanted to go younger and cheaper. I don't like this contract at all.
  14. Aznsportsnut


    I remember my first bad beat.
  15. Oh man, welcome to the accounting world. I'm a CPA and worked in public for about 2 years. I matrix dodged World Financial Group, MLM scam all around. Flag #1) They wanted me to bring FIVE references professional & personal (lol) to my "interview" when most companies won't ask for personal references. Flag #2, they scheduled my interview at 6:30pm when 99% of my interviews have been in the morning afternoon time, the latest was 3:30pm. Finally, Flag #3 the word process was used many times ie. We have a "process" to help build and grow your career. Our "process" have made exceptional people make more money than their prior jobs. It sounds nice and all but I did some research and cancelled my interview within a few hours of making it. When you post your resume online on careerbuilder or monster, you will get a few calls saying they have GREAT opportunities to use your skills and abilities, but it's all a bullshit sales job that no one in the right mind will do. If it's so great why market it? It's great because you're the one replacing the guy on the phone if you get hired.
  16. Excellent point. Take the savings and get a decent 3rd baseman that can actually play 3rd. Tigers defense improved by moving Cabrera alone, also allows that DH slot to be freed up for VMart and Cabrera when they're not playing first.
  17. If the Cardinals sign Drew they give up their first round pick in the draft.

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