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  1. Please can we have an article on this, or get some sort of official statement?
  2. I have money on my PKR account, but I can't withdraw. When I click "Cashier", I just get the following message in a browser:
  3. ^ this! Many speak of poker getting tougher, but I've increased my win rate in the last 1-2 years - there's no reason why you can't too. As Paul says, the badges will follow. GL Will.
  4. Finally had a reply from SharkScope. It's sorted now - they apologised for the delay, and extended my subscription. All good. :)
  5. I purchased a subscription to SharkScope, they've taken my money but I haven't got the sub... I emailed support@sharkscope.com but haven't had a reply, not even an email receipt (have checked my junk mail obvs). Is there a SharkScope rep here on PocketFives?
  6. I can confirm the missing segments of my bonus were credited on Saturday 21st March. Not too impressed by the eleven day turnaround, but thanks for rectifying the problem and for the reply.
  7. Mon 9th Mar Activated a bonus on Party. Played a poker session. Noticed bonus hadn't updated at all - the progress meter was still on 0%. Spoke to Party via Live Chat. Got the usual generic "I will escalate to the technical support team". The guy promises an email update, which of course never materialises. Wed 11th Mar No email from Party, so I send a follow up email. Fri 13th Mar STILL no reply from Party, so I send a further email. Shortly later: finally an acknowledgement that they have received my email. They request my "patience and understanding on this matter".
  8. Wow I'm surprised that people dislike PokerStars 7. I switched to PS7 a while back and really like the improvements to the main lobby. Don't forget, people are much more vocal when they DON'T like something than when they DO. :) There's a saying that a happy customer tells 10 of his friends, but an unhappy customer tells 100 of his friends. The happy people don't necessarily post on forums.
  9. mcandrews3rd - I agree with most of your points, but Stars don't need to charge the full ~9% on .UK/.DK/.BE players' rebuys. This isn't merely a means of covering the new tax costs - it seems to be cynical, opportunistic profiteering. I do agree that (no thanks to Stars) we have a it good here. Stars are going to make the games arbitrarily harder for Brits, but we did have an advantage to begin with due to not paying income tax.
  10. So the games are getting tougher for Brits, Belgians, Danes etc - arbitrarily so. Raking rebuys at the full rate does not merely cover PokerStars' extra costs - are they not profiteering from a subset of their player base?! It seems they're using the new regulation as an 'excuse' to sting us for an arbitrary amount of extra rake, compared to players in other countries where rebuys will presumably not be raked.
  11. Here's the transcript of my 'live chat' (with a few irrelevant bits edited out):
  12. If you are a UK player with a Carbon Poker account (and probably any Merge account) you need to withdraw your money, as your account will be closed after 30 September 2014. I received an email from Carbon today, saying I have a message in my Carbon inbox. However due to problems with the Carbon website I was unable to access this message. Luckily I opted to use 'Live Chat'... I was informed that "Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to offer our services in your jurisdiction as of September 30th 2014. Please log into your account and request a withdrawal for any remaining balance." H
  13. When are the "Grand Final" and the "We Owned You Freeroll"? Apologies if this is stated in the thread (or on the sign-up page) but I can't find it.
  14. Quite possibly the first time "long and hard" and my name have been mentioned in the same breath. :) Super super chuffed! GG Dom.
  15. Not a fan of 3-betting as a "bluff" (intending to fold to a 4-bet) - think I'd rather just call and pretty much set-mine! A non-all-in 3-bet will mean committing a lot of our stack, seems gross to fold afterwards, and it's an $11 game so you could be making a terrible fold to an overplayed hand like 88!! Jamming 2402 to win the money in the middle seems like pretty good risk-to-reward IMO. Lots of good things can happen if we jam... UTG might fold AQ (a huge result!) or one of the EP callers might make a dumb call with a small/mid pair (remember it's an $11 game).
  16. Liquid_Eyes


    ^ That. To get good, you'd do best to start with low-stakes games, learn to beat those... Then try a bit higher... you layer new skills on top of the basic skills. Little by little. Strongly agreed re playing the smaller sites. If you don't want to play huge fields where you only have a long shot of winning a tournament, sites like OnGame (betsafe, RedKings etc) and PKR are great. Playing tournaments is all about the winning - that's where the thrill is. I get a lot of pleasure from winning ANY tournament, doesn't matter whether the first prize is $500 or $5000. If you have a good
  17. I think this is a very thin spot to turn our hand into a bluff. 1. There are quite a few Qx hands in his turn check-back range. 2. The river has improved a few of his holdings to two pair, and he might think we have worse two pairs in our range... a lot of players make dumb river leads in spots like this, because they're afraid of checking and facing a bigger bet. Leading the river may, for the most part, induce the villain to play perfectly, calling with AJ etc. and folding hands we were beating anyway. 1. If villain is really good, since our hand is somewhat face-up he will ma
  18. Rule of thumb (simplified somewhat): Fold pre. At worst, a small mistake. Exception to the rule: You feel UTG is very predictable, or makes big mistakes post-flop, is a pay-off-wizard, etc. Basically you feel that you will be able to play your hand almost 'perfectly' despite your positional disadvantage.
  19. I recently started playing around with AutoHotKey. I've programmed a bunch of keyboard shortcuts to do various things, e.g. moving a tournament lobby to a certain area of one of my screens. Should be possible to create some more ambitious macros, when I get round to it!
  20. I deeply resent this slight on the variety of British cuisine. You've left out: * chip butties * chips & beans * sausage & chips * chips & curry sauce * deep-fried Mars Bars
  21. Busto. Bagged a few dollars plus a SnG Wizard licence. Good fun and great value. Thanks... & GL Wacky!
  22. Indeed, I coined the term 'implied humour odds' for this. :)

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