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  1. Nada and I @ Table 10 in the 175k with solid stacks. reppin Backdoor Diamonds. GL every1 in the home stretch.
  2. great post. lol @ "I do think grey/red has a point..." no need for extensive thought or a draft when its only a hundo. personally I would take grey/red, and the biggest donks on merge (yes, even CROCKETTSTAX) on my team and have no problem with it
  3. yea I'm down and also down for LLs.....who is gonna hold all the $? the $ should be collected soon imo
  4. I hear ya, but I wouldn't go that far. I have a feeling Merge will get out of this rut and get players back. If it doesn't, there is still Revolution, which from what I hear, is growing at a solid pace. If Merge continues to plummet, I'm sure a lot of us will just head to Revolution. I'd be shocked if it comes to a point where Americans can't play on a solid site.
  5. the guarantees and fields are gettin worse every day. this is sad. what can they do? I'm thinkin a Maximus 2 to save Merge.
  6. thanks David. the trnys ran smoothly tonight. looks like the mess is over. well done.
  7. good to hear. deff playin the super turbos at midnight lol.
  8. phew! such a relief. lets hope for a better tomorrow...
  9. absolutely. but I'm done playing these sattys. the lag is way too much of a headache.
  10. yep. so we have to play through refunds AND lag tonight. its a tough sell for sure.
  11. yep. thats why I'ma keep playin. even if the trny shuts down, we get solid refunds.
  12. the 3k $20 just shut down. i had a nice stack. wtf?
  13. same here. runnin so smooth. finally!
  14. wow so we can safely sign up for MTTs? EDIT: ahh just read more carefully. i see they are running okay. nice GL.
  15. as mentioned before, this software update makes no sense. we loved the old software, the only real complaints were the double rebuy, observer chat, and brutal table balance + hand for hand, etc. Not sure if any of those problems are solved with the new software. Even if they are, its simply not worth this nightmare people are going through. The old software almost always ran smoothly. Can we make a petition to get the old software back? lol.
  16. deff bring the old software back. Merge, sometimes you gotta take your medicine and admit to a colossal failure. cmon go back to what got you here. its what every1 wants.
  17. understandable. Merge is nuts if they don't give refunds....
  18. thanks David. as long as this doesn't go into tomorrow. now that would be brutal.
  19. +1. its just a headache dealing with Merge right now.
  20. jeez. I'm staying away until this garbage gets resolved...
  21. you're right. its an absolute embarrassment for Merge.

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