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  1. big fan of the upcoming guaranteed trnys in big font on the left side
  2. +1. love the info tabs. need those for sure. finally logged in but still slow as a mofo. I'm sure it will get faster and we will get our info tabs and late reg in the main lobby back....
  3. I can't even log in now. this is awful. so Merge raved about the new "6.0", took 12 hours to get it goin, and it still blows....
  4. ok support chat told me to log out, wait 30 minutes, and the email address problem will be solved. if any1 has any problems like mine, I recommend the live chat.
  5. my filter can do all those things. hmm. but I can't verify my damn email address. damn...
  6. having trouble verifying my e-mail address. any1 else having this problem?
  7. lol. this is definitely brutal but I don't think its time to panic yet. if it still sucks tonight, then its time to get really worried bout this transition....
  8. for real. was thinking the same thing. I'm having a real hard time with this new software. I guess it'll just improve over time?
  9. 12 hour wait and this is what we get? lol...
  10. hope this improves tho. opening a trny lobby is a nightmare...
  11. nvm tournaments just appeared. merge is back!
  12. 34 players and increasing. can't see any tournaments tho...
  13. o ok its back to 14 minutes damn. thanks for that link. we can just check that now instead of getting fooled by these bogus countdowns.
  14. 4 minutes...I have a good feeling this time. this has to be it lol...
  15. back to 29 minutes lol. wtf. time to give up for now.
  16. o god the countdown is back. says 5 minutes. any1 believe it this time?
  17. lol this is pretty frustrating. bout to give up for a while. I think I'm approaching 100 login attempts on the day. mostly because of that endless countdown that kept tricking us with the "1 minute remaining".
  18. the brutal countdown is over but I'm still having trouble logging in. damn I wanna start playin. there was no chance of this being a smooth transition for merge lol.
  19. wow sick results in June already. the month is still so young. could be an epic month for tford. well done.
  20. thanks for title change.....I hope these trny shutdowns don't happen anymore because that really sucked....
  21. should i even bother entering more trnys tonight? this is bizarre
  22. so whats the deal. merge cant handle all the new traffic?
  23. mods can you change the thread title to Merge trnys shut down?. title is a little too scary lol

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