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  1. this is brutal..I had a nice stack in the $40 rebuy. damn.
  2. wtf? all my trnys just ended lol ***meant to post in Poker Sites forum..my bad
  3. yoo Kavilla its Worm. who you callin tight? lol. that was fun man. that is my fav trny on Merge. the shove was kinda borderline but I deff don't mind it. you played well. no regrets.
  4. My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, Commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.
  5. didn't know I could connect my laptop to my big-screen TV. how do I do this? do I need a special cable or something? thanks.
  6. not doin this since I have no transfers on my site but just wanted to say GL to every1 who is gonna play. gonna be fun as hell. EDIT...thought this was the Maximus thread. GL to every1 who is gonna play the Maximus trnys in March.
  7. yea it was pretty standard other than the play of "nightmare2929". don't know if u remember but he was a complete joke. me and him were both pretty deepstacked (bout 80k each) and he calls my 3b shove pre with a lowly pair of 3s (I guess praying for a coinflip). 3 in the window to crush my AKs and knock me out in 7th. gave him about 160k, close to the chip lead. I look back a little later to see that he quickly donked off the 160k to finish 6th. unreal. its tough to find a player that bad at a 215 final table. anyway, great job you played really well from what I remember. hopefully will see ya at more FT's.
  8. yes. love this trny and also love the $40r turbo and $30r turbo. I'm in big favor of adding more turbo rebuy trnys. the 20r 6max is not a crapshoot. I actually find good results more consistently in that trny than any other trny on merge. usually not too hard to get a nice stack during rebuy hour then after rebuys there's a lot of skill involved.
  9. i think the best trny on merge is the $22 rebuy turbo 6 max....would love to see another trny or two added with the same format (maybe $11 or $33?)
  10. nice...i got 800th....is it good for 2nd or 3rd maybe? lol
  11. lol @ the suggestion of folding to a button raise in the BB with AJ
  12. dude shipped the 100k tonight...jeez....its shaundeeb's world and were just livin in it....
  13. lol i posted a hand for discussion a few days ago and got about 40 "sf standard"s
  14. You're shoving as wide as Q7 for 20BBs from the SB against a monster stack in the BB just to gain 2BBs. Please sit at my table... Ditto....
  15. well done guys....both of you have cases to be ranked....sick resumes
  16. busto? nah dude i play em every day...at first i said KQ was what he had beat....meaning i shove any ace or any pair. Then i said i was exagerating a little because I would have to shove a hand like KJ or even JTs. I simply disagree with shoving Q7o there to win 4.5 k but again, agree to disagree.
  17. you putting him on QJ Q10 or the like then and value-shoving? agree with Jennifear.....its the $10 level and there is no raise pre.....he could have any kicker with his Queen, including a lowly deuce
  18. lol but isn't the expression "brag post" getting a little overused on this site?
  19. that might just turn this thread towards epic. i'm not allowed to give advice seeing as i'm just a peasant amongst gods. lol @ epic.....everytime this thread is about to be forgotten (nearing page 2), some1 digs it up again back to the top
  20. my friend does the $50s and is roughly 65% (which is very solid....75% is impossible at the 50 or 100 level IMO)

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